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UK’s Best PayPal Casino Sites

PayPal casino sites allow for easy deposits, secure transactions and fast payouts. Take a look at our best PayPal casinos list below to find sites offering the fast and safe payment method.

#3 Online Casinos that Accept PayPal

  1. 1
    80 Times
  2. 2
    £1000 Terms
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    £100 Terms
    100 Times
PayPal Mobile

How Does PayPal Work on Mobile

PayPal works great on both mobile and desktop, and you can use one account across all your devices. Although you can quickly sign up at www.paypal.com/mobile, we recommend downloading the app from the App Store/Google Play store as this will make all future transactions at online casinos even quicker.

Setting up a personal account couldn’t be easier, and you just have to follow the three simple steps below:

  1. Sign up with your email address and password
  2. Securely link your bank account, debit cards and credit cards
  3. Use the PayPal button at any mobile casino to deposit and withdraw money

PayPal is compatible with iOS (iPhone 3GS and later) devices, iPads and most newer Android smartphones and tablets. For a full list of compatible devices, please refer to PayPal’s FAQ page.

Using PayPal in Online Casinos

Once you signed up, you can start using PayPal in your online casino of choice. What’s even better is that the transaction process is the same across all casinos. To give you an example, we will run through the deposit and withdrawal process at Betway Casino, one of the best PayPal casinos on the market.

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Deposit with PayPal and receive up to £1000 Welcome Bonus.

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Case Study: PayPal Payments at Betway.com

How To Make A Deposit

  1. Sign up at Betway or log in if you already created an account
  2. Open the sidebar navigation and click on the ‘Deposit’ icon
  3. Select PayPal from the list of payment methods
  4. Add a deposit amount, tick the box and hit ‘Deposit’
  5. Click on ‘Verify Payment’ (For additional security, PayPal uses their servers for all transactions)
  6. Log into your ‘PayPal’ account and verify payment
  7. With PayPal’s OneTouch enabled, you will skip the previous step and land straight on the confirmation page.

How to Withdraw Money

To withdraw money you follow the same process as described above but instead of clicking on the ‘Deposit’ icon you have to click on Withdraw. Please refer to the screenshot below to make sure you click on the right icon.

PayPal Fees

PayPal doesn’t charge a fee to open a PayPal account. However, just like any other payment processor, it does apply charges to certain transaction types. Please find a summary of all relevant fees below.

Making payments
There are no fees within the UK to purchase goods or services, e.g. deposit at an online casino.

Receiving money
PayPal does charge you for receiving money such as winnings from a mobile casino. The fee for each transaction is 3.4% plus 20p of the amount you receive.

Hint: It might be a good idea to keep your winnings in your account until you accumulated a larger amount to withdraw. This way you only have to pay the 20p charge once.

International payments
PayPal charges a fee for international payments. To avoid such a charge, please ensure that when you sign up at a mobile casino, you choose the same default currency than your PayPal account. In the UK this would most likely be GBP.

Withdrawing money from your PayPal to your bank account
There is no cost to withdraw money from your PayPal account to your bank account.

PayPal Security

Security BadgePayPal is all about security and is one of the most secure payment methods on the Internet. Here are four reasons why we recommend to sign up with a PayPal casino like Betway:

  1. Anonymity: PayPal lets you make and receive payments without exposing your bank details or credit card information to third-parties. Your sensitive data is always safe!
  2. Chargebacks: If you connected your debit or credit card to your PayPal account, you might find yourself in the situation where you have to request a chargeback. PayPal handles chargebacks extremely well and immediately puts a hold on the funds in the seller’s account until the issue is resolved.
  3. 24/7 customer support: PayPal monitors every transaction, 24/7 to prevent against fraud and identity theft. They also employ a dedicated team of security specialists that help protect you from fraudulent transactions.
  4. Security: PayPal currently works in 202 countries and processes 25 currencies, and protects every (international) transaction with advanced encryption.

About PayPal

PayPal is an American online payment company that supports online money transfers in more than 200 countries. It was founded by Elon Musk (Tesla) and Peter Thiel (Investor in Facebook), among others, in December 1998. The company was acquired by eBay in July 2002 for $1.5 billion before spinning off back into a separate publicly traded company in 2014.