Pay By Mobile Casino: Charge Casino Fees to Your Phone

Pay by mobile casinos are operators that let you pay your deposits with your monthly phone bill. Find out which mobile casinos accept Boku, Payforit and Siru Mobile payments by reading our list below:

Payforit Casino

Many Pay by phone casinos partner with Payforit, one of the most well-known mobile payment methods. Payforit enables you to buy online digital content such as apps and videos, and it allows you to make deposits at online casinos. With just a few clicks, you can make purchases or deposits securely without sharing any card details since your mobile network operator already has them on file. The payments are either added to your monthly mobile bill or deducted from your pay-as-you-go credit.

How Does Payforit Work?

To make a deposit at a Payforit Casino, all you have to do is enter the deposit amount and your phone number inside the banking panel. You will almost instantly receive a text message asking you to confirm the payment. Now, just reply with “Confirm” or “Y” to make the payment. That’s it; time to head over to the games section and play any casino game available.

If your payment doesn’t go through you won’t receive the confirmation text message. One reason this happens could be that you’ve reached your monthly threshold of pay by mobile deposits or if you’re on a pay-as-you-go contract, that you do not have sufficient credit on your account.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re searching for a mobile casino Payforit, the payment method may be listed under an alternative name which can include PayByMobile and PayViaPhone.

Boku Casino

Boku officially launched in 2009 and quickly became popular in the United States. Today, the service is used in over 50 different countries and is the most well-known and recognisable pay by mobile payment method used at online casinos. In fact, you’ll find that most Boku casinos use this payment method over Payforit.

How Does Boku Work?

Using Boku is as simple as using Payforit. All you have to do is find a casino that accepts it as a valid payment method, click ‘Deposit’, enter the amount you wish to deposit and click ‘Next’ or ‘Confirm’. After this, you’ll receive a text from Boku to warn you about the purchase and asking you to confirm it. Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a second text informing you that the payment was successful. That’s it!

Siru Mobile

We’ve got to be honest, Siru Mobile is probably one of the least popular mobile payment services available in the UK. The service, which is currently only available in the UK and Scandinavia, works with multiple mobile carriers including Orange, T-Mobile, Three and Vodafone.

How Does Siru Mobile Work?

Payments via Siru Mobile also work somewhat different from the other mentioned services. For example, after making a payment or deposit, you’ll be redirected to Siru’s website and will be prompted to call the phone number shown and confirm the purchase or payment. You’ll also be informed of any fees or payments involved with the purchase. Right now, Siru Mobile is accepted at Swedish online casinos, but it could eventually make its debut at mobile casinos in the UK soon.

One great benefit to using Siru Mobile is that it accepts higher deposit limits of £80 per day compared to Boku and Payforit’s £30. However, there is a downside as you can be charged a fee of up to 20% your deposit depending on the online casino, a fee much higher than Boku and Payforit.

Why Choose Pay By Mobile Over Other Banking Options

A pay by phone casino has several advantages over other casinos, and luckily the United Kingdom is one of the few countries that allows its players to enjoy this fantastic payment options. Some of the advantages include:

  • Paying by phone is convenient and safe as you don't have to share any credit card or banking information with the casino except your phone number.
  • All mobile phone users can enjoy this service even if you are on a pay-as-you-go contract.
  • Casinos with pay by phone option give you unrestricted access to all casino games, bonuses, and high roller schemes.

The Payforit and Boku payment options have been gaining popularity among mobile casino players in recent years and all of the industry’s best operators have started to adopt the method. Frankly, we were a little hesitant at first, but after testing several casinos and making all deposits via our phone bill, all of our worries were put at ease as we discovered just how simple and safe the payment option is.

Payforit and Boku are possibly the two safest payment methods out there and the most convenient ones too. The fact that you don’t have to re-enter your payment information anywhere protects you from payment fraud and makes it easier to keep track of your spending. Think about it: You either have your charges deducted from your credit or the casino charges are just added to your monthly bill. No extra paperwork and you won’t need to keep checking your e-wallet or bank accounts.

Restrictions, Fees And Withdrawals

However, using a pay by mobile payment service isn’t completely great. Most of these payment methods have strict rules. For example, the minimum payment for both Boku and Payforit is £10 and both payment options impose daily payment limits of £30 which means you can not deposit any more than that amount each day. However, it’s important to note that Siru Mobile allows users to deposit more than this.

You’ll also discover quite early on that online casinos offering the service may charge you a fee for using it. This fee can range between 5% and 15% depending on the casino for Boku and Payforit deposits and up to 20% for payments via Siru Mobile. Regardless, if the pay by mobile casino does charge a fee, you will be notified before completing the transaction.

Lastly, while pay by mobile can be used to deposit money into a casino account, it cannot be used for withdrawals. Those of you looking to make a withdrawal will need to find an alternative payment method.

Which Networks Support Pay By Phone Payments?

As mentioned above, Payforit is a joint effort by some of the UK’s largest mobile network providers. At the time of writing, Payforit is supported by EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three. Each of the mobile networks handle the payment process differently but the payment flow is often as easy as initiating deposit, confirm payment, play.

Boku has also partnered with several major mobile carriers. They include Vodafone, O2, Orange, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. Unfortunately, Boku is still not yet compatible with EE, Virgin and Three.

NOTE: Under new rules by the UK Gambling Commission, you will be asked to verify your account and identity by submitting a copy of your ID or passport. This usually happens immediately after registration at a casino site or when you are trying to deposit a larger amount.

Other Mobile Payment Services

There are several other mobile payment services that work similarly to Payforit. There are several well-known mobile payment options including PayByPhone, Charge2Mobile and more. Each work like Payforit but have their own restrictions and limitations but it’s important to understand that some of these cannot be used with online casinos.


Fonix is another mobile payment service that is growing popular. While it’s not as well-known as Boku, it has partnered with Vodafone and EE to allow users to make deposits at online casinos. According to Fonix’s website, the service can be used on mobile and tablet devices, PCs, laptops and televisions. It works similarly to Payforit but features a two-tap confirmation process to make it easier and quicker to make purchases or deposits. At the time of writing, however, it can only be used on JetBull casino, a site that is no longer available to UK-based players.


PayByPhone is an app-based payment service that works similarly to the others mentioned above and can be downloaded through most major smartphone app stores. The service has partnered with BT Landline, PayM and Fortumo to provide its services. Right now, PayByPhone is only used for parking tickets but is expected to expand to being used at mobile casinos in the future.


If that wasn’t enough options for you, here’s one more! Popular mobile carrier O2 also launched its own mobile payment service called Charge2Mobile. It basically works in the exact same way and can be used on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, the PlayStation Store, Facebook, Spotify and the Microsoft Store. Currently, Charge2Mobile is only available to UK customers but can be used in other countries. There are two ways it works;

  • On a mobile phone, you’ll select what you want to buy and you’ll be taken to a payment screen showing what you’re buying. You’ll confirm the purchase and you’ll be shown a verification screen.
  • On a laptop, tablet or using Wi-Fi on your mobile. You’ll select what to buy and get a payment screen showing the purchase. You’ll be asked to type in your mobile number and you’ll receive a security pin text message. You’ll have to type the pin in to confirm the purchase. That’s it!

One of the major differences between O2’s Charge2Mobile and other mobile billing payment services is that O2 doesn’t have a daily spend limit. Pay As You Go customers can only spend up to the limit of their credit but monthly users don’t have a limit. In fact, the amount they can spend depends on how long they’ve been a customer and whether or not the bill is paid on time. However, users can set spending limits to stop themselves from going over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safer to pay by mobile phone bill than credit and debit cards?

Yes, paying casino charges by phone bill is much safer than using your credit card. Although online payments have become increasingly safe due to advanced security and encryption, your data is still shared over the Internet. Payforit only requires your phone number, and everything else will be handled offline.

Am I safe playing at online casinos with my mobile phone?

Yes! Playing online with your mobile phone is actually safer than playing with your PC or laptop. When playing with your smartphone, you are often accessing the casino via a 3G or 4G connection provided by the network operator. It’s much harder for hackers to intercept data on these connection types than shared WiFi networks.

Do I get charged for making deposits via my phone bill?

No, Payforit does not charge a fee for using the service. However, you might get charged for receiving and sending the confirmation SMS in case you don’t have text messages included with your package.

Can I switch between payment methods?

Absolutely! Online Casinos do not lock you down on one payment method, and you are free to change between the different banking options as much and often as you want. You can even choose to make deposits via your phone bill but receive withdrawals straight into your bank account or e-wallet.