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Looking for the best online casino sites to play at? We are here to get you sorted. Here at SmartphoneCasinos, you will be exposed to a world of sensational online casino and slot games. With an impressive variety of games all gathered on one site, you can easily find your favourite casino games and mobile slots to have a go at. Experiencing the thrills of Las Vegas from the comfort of your home is totally possible!

Good news for on-the-go gamers: the majority of the games you can find at SmartphoneCasinos are available on mobile and tablet devices, which means you can have a casino in your pocket and game wherever you go!

With our transparent and unbiased reviews on online casinos and games, players can make the best choice for themselves despite being spoiled for options. Gaming at SmartphoneCasinos means you can maximise your odds of winning at online casino sites that are proven to be safe and secure.

On top of useful online casino reviews, we complete your perfect gaming experience with a series of news, guides, advice, tips, strategy and blog posts. Whether you’re a beginner who has just stepped into the world of gambling, or an experienced gamer looking for your next big win; SmartphoneCasinos has got everything you need.

How We Review Online Casinos

SmartphoneCasino’s dedicated team of reviewers and testers look into every aspect of each online casino that players are concerned about, as that’s what concerns us too. We take the following steps to analyse the reliability and fairness of each online gambling site, as well as their software platforms, bonus requirements and level of customer service.

1. Security and Background Check

Investigating the security of an online casino is always the first step of our reviewing process since your safety is our top priority. We start by researching a casino’s certification, and that involves looking for trusted bodies such as eCOGRA as well as effective gambling licenses in order to make sure that the site is fully legal. We will then move on to check if all the casino games are built on reliable gaming software. Well-regarded names such as Netent, Microgaming and Playtech are developers we ideally want to see. Lastly, our reviewers will test if the site is fully protected with 128-bit SSL encryption technology, the most powerful type of protective measure. The online casino in question will be moved forward to the next step of our reviewing process if it ticks all the boxes.

2. Deposits and Customer Support

To evaluate the effectiveness of an online gaming site’s deposit process, we deposit our own money into each casino we are testing. We score the online casinos by assessing the transaction speed and the variety of payment methods. To gain a higher rating, online casinos should offer popular payment methods such as MasterCard, Skrill and PayPal. Our reviewers will also get in touch with the customer care team to test out the response times, level of assistance, and overall trustworthiness.

3. Playing Games and Cashing Out

After the deposits have gone through, our trusted reviewers will start trying out different types of games offered on the online casino, including slot games, roulette, video poker and a range of other table games. The quality of graphics and performance of gameplay will be evaluated on desktops, smartphones and tablets in order to gauge the games’ compatibility to different devices. Finally, after we have tested out the games, our reviewers will withdraw the remaining balance on the account to assess the efficiency of the cash out process. Online casinos that provide quick and easy cash out procedures will score higher.

4. Shortlisting the Casinos

The final step of our reviewing process is for our team to sit together and compare our findings. After calculating the overall rating of each online casino, a group decision is reached regarding which gaming sites should be shortlisted and added to the list of potential recommendation. As for gambling sites whose ratings are unsatisfactory, they will be placed on our blacklist and we will not recommend them to players.

Choosing The Best Online Casino For Yourself

1. Check out the Reviews

A reputable online casino will have plenty of casino reviews for players to look at. Make sure you check them out to quickly find out if the site is what you are looking for.

2. Pay Attention to the Geography

It is common for online casinos to only accept players based in certain parts of the world. Even if they allow you to play, they may not provide support that is applicable to your country. Check this out before deciding to play on an online casino.

3. Find Your Favourite Games

Depending on the gaming software they are using, some online gambling sites may not have the top casino games you are after. Have a look at whether your favourite games are available on the online casino after signing up and claiming the bonus.

4. Look for Attractive Welcome Bonuses

While it is important to look for the biggest welcome bonuses possible, don’t forget to study the bonus wager requirements. You need to know how much you need to play in order to activate the bonuses.

5. Figure Out the Payout Times

You wouldn’t want to hit a massive jackpot and ended up having to wait for months before getting your hands on the money. Make sure you choose an online casino with a fast payout time.

To find out more about getting started with online casinos, check out our Beginner’s Guide.

Responsible Gaming

While gambling is an exciting and enjoyable activity, some gamblers do develop addictions that damage their relationships as well as physical and mental health. We care about your well-being and if you think you or someone you know might be suffering from problem gambling, please check out our Gambling Addiction and Support page.

There you can find a comprehensive list of gambling addiction resources and support, including:

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