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Top PaysafeCard Casinos for UK Players

Thanks to continuous innovation in the payment system, online casinos have widened their range of accepted methods to accept deposits and withdrawals. As a side effect, players face the dilemma of having too many choices, which can quickly feel overwhelming. PaysafeCard is very simple and straightforward payment method and an ideal way to handle online gambling transactions.

Let’s learn a little more about the payment method and for those that can’t wait, feel free to select one of our handpicked UK PaysafeCard casinos from the table below.

UK Casinos that accept PaysafeCard
CasinoPayoutBonusOur RatingPlay Now
Mansion Casino logo 97% Return to player £200 Terms 1011 reviews Play Now
Roxy Palace Casino logo 96% Return to player £100 Terms 1132 reviews Play Now
Betway Casino logo 95% Return to player £1000 Terms 870 reviews Play Now
Casumo Casino logo 96.95% Return to player £300 Terms 1472 reviews Play Now
PlayFrank Casino logo 98% Return to player £100 Terms 513 reviews Play Now

What is a Paysafecard?

The Paysafecard is essentially a temporary and anonymous credit or debit card. The card itself does not have a monthly or annual fee, and you can load money onto the card, anywhere from £10 to £175 per transaction.
With a positive balance, you can use the card at online casinos or any other e-commerce sites just as you would use your debit or credit card.

Paysafecards can be purchased at 500,000 sales outlets across the UK, including corner shops, supermarkets, bookshops, and newsagents. You can quickly locate them using the location finder on the Paysafecard website. Alternatively, since the 16-digit PIN is pretty much all you need to make a transaction, you can even register a free Paysafecard account and purchase PINs with pre-loaded amounts through it. This way, not only can you ditch the plastic, but also keep track of your payments with minimal effort!


As with all payment cards, Paysafecard charges its customers a fee. At the moment, that fee is £3 per month. There is an additional fee of £6 if you want to withdraw money from the card, which is very similar to credit cards that typically charge a certain percentage for ATM withdrawals.

Note: Paysafecard also charged a “premium conversion rate” when making purchases in a different currency. This is a prevalent method for financial institutions to make money, even your standard banks, and means that you’re being charged a fake rather than the real conversion rate. The easiest way to circumvent this problem is, but we also recommend to learn more about it at

The Paysafecard Mastercard

The Paysafecard Mastercard allows you to upload money onto it up to a standard daily, monthly and yearly limit. The highest card permitted balance is £4000. Individual transactions and ATM withdrawals are also restricted. All of these restrictions are fairly reasonable, so the card is still able to suit the needs of most users. As the Paysafecard Mastercard has a prepaid nature to it, users are exempted from credit checks.

Transferring money from online casinos to the Mastercard is also possible. It means that you can spend your winnings directly with the Mastercard. You can also withdraw the funds as cash from an ATM using the card.

Despite being an appealing option, using a Paysafecard Mastercard requires additional costs. A £8 annual fee, 4% top-up fee and 3% (or minimum £3) ATM withdrawal fee are applicable.

Benefits of Using Paysafecard at Online Casinos

Now that you have a basic understanding of how Paysafecard works let’s have a look at how the prepaid card can benefit you.

No More Overspending

First of all, the prepaid nature of Paysafecard means you can’t overspend as quickly as when you use your debit or credit card. Since you can’t reuse the same card by topping up, the pre-loaded card automatically limits the amount you can spend with that one particular PIN. If you want to prevent yourself from losing control over your bank balance, you’ll be better off with a Paysafecard, which does the exact opposite job as the bottomless pit called the credit card.

Nevertheless, for players looking for a little bit more flexibility, this can be a disadvantage. Since you have to upload money to the card frequently and have to buy new PINs when you use up the prepaid credit, you might feel that payment method to be somewhat cumbersome.

The Extra Security

If you are concerned about transaction safety and identity theft, Paysafecard will put you at ease. Since the card carries a limited amount of money and since you make deposits with a 16-digit unique PIN rather than your name, you will remain anonymous throughout the process. What we like especially is the PIN disable feature. If you believe a transaction made with your Paysafecard to be fraudulent, you can easily disable the PIN through the company’s website or app and prevent anyone from making any further purchases.


Paysafecard is an excellent choice for players who care about anonymity and spending control. Features such as disabling the PIN and only uploading the amount you want to spend also keeps you safe from money theft, something that is increasingly happening across the world.

However, if you’re a regular gambler that likes to have full flexibility and use the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals, then Paysafecard is probably not the way to go. For such cases, using PayPal or Skrill is perhaps more suitable. For us, Paysafecard is the perfect payment method for beginners and intermediate players.