Lock Withdrawals – How Casumo & Others Promote Responsible Gambling

Lock withdrawals are a special feature at a few online casinos which help promote responsible gambling. The amazing feature stops users from reversing or cancelling their withdrawal, and it’s becoming increasingly popular among avid gamers. But what does it actually do and how does it work?

So What Are Lock Withdrawals?

Simply, lock withdrawals stop gamers from reversing their withdrawals. Players will be unable to cancel their withdrawal, meaning they’d feel no regret from gambling away their winnings. Lock withdrawals aren’t available immediately, players actually have to request for their withdrawals to be locked, but the extra measure stops users from gambling irresponsibly.

How Do You Lock Your Withdrawals?

To lock your withdrawal at Rizk Casino, players just need to navigate to their account and click the Transactions tab. Users enter their withdrawal amount as normal and then click the lock button to lock the withdrawal. Players can also cancel withdrawals but are unable to cancel a withdrawal if it’s already been locked. If a withdrawal is marked as ‘Waiting Approval’, it means it’s already been locked and is being processed.

Casumo Casino also offers lock withdrawals. To do this, players just need to make a withdrawal as normal. After this, users should load up their account transactions where they should see the withdrawal pending. Players will then be able to click the lock button so no one, not even Casumo, can unlock it.

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Responsible Gambling

While only a few casinos actually offer lock withdrawals, it’s clear that they help gamers from gambling recklessly. More and more players have begun urging casinos to offer the service in order to stop users from losing their money and we completely agree. We hope that more and more casinos begin offering lock withdrawals and help tackle problem gambling.

If you believe you or someone you know may be suffering from a gambling problem or addiction, head over to our support page for help and contact information.

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