Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II Online Slot Game

Thunderstruck II is the perfect online slot game for anyone who enjoys Norse mythology or loved the original Thunderstruck slot game. A sequel to the original game, Thunderstruck II allows players to continue their journey with Norse God of Thunder Thor as well as Valkyrie, Odin, and Loki.

It features coloured images of Norse Gods, Viking ships and Valhalla as well as symbols that resemble Norse runestones. In addition to jaw-dropping graphics, the game has an ethereal soundtrack that becomes heroic and victorious during bonus rounds.

The game is a five-reel, 300-coin slot machine with over 200 permanently fixed paylines. Created in 2010 by Microgaming, the game also features wild, multiplier and scatter symbols as well as extra spins bonus games and the jaw-dropping Wild Storm bonus game. A complex game that offers player multiple ways to win, Thunderstruck II will leave you wielding the power of the Norse gods.

Thunderstruck II Gameplay

Thunderstruck II plays like most other online slots but with some minor differences thanks to its complex symbols and exciting Wild Storm bonus game.

Betting & Special Symbols

Betting in Thunderstruck II is slightly different compared to regular online slots. Instead of betting on individual paylines, players choose a single bet with the control panel at the bottom of the screen. Players then spin the reels, watch what happens and then earn any possible winnings by matching specific symbol combinations on the current paytable. The high-paying symbols include the Thunderstruck II symbol, Thor, Odin, and Loki.

Scatter symbols appear in most online slots games, and Thunderstruck II is no different. The scatter symbol in this game is Mjölnor, Thor’s magical hammer, and it can help players complete winning combinations when two or more symbols are appearing on the winning reels.

However, if more than three scatter symbols appear on the five reels, players will trigger the Great Hall of Spins bonus game. Scatter symbol winnings are determined by multiplying the standard bet by the value of the scatter symbol combination.

In addition to all of that, the Thunderstruck symbol also acts as a wild multiplier. While it can’t be used as a scatter symbol, it can be used to create its own winning combination when multiple symbols appear on paylines. Any combination completed with a wild symbol earns double the payout.

The Great Hall of Spins

Bonus spins in Thunderstruck II are known as the Great Hall of Spins bonus and are triggered by the appearance of three or more scatter symbols appearing on reels during regular spins.

Every trigger of the Great Hall of Spins unlocks new chambers of the other gods. For example, Valkyrie is available on the 1st trigger and awards players with 10 spins all multiplied by five.

Loki’s chamber unlocks on the 5th trigger and awards the player 15 spins with Wild Magic. This means that whenever a Wild Magic symbol lands on the third reel, it will turn into other symbols to help players make matching combinations.

Odin is unlocked with the 10th trigger and awards players 20 spins with the Wild Raven feature. Odin’s two ravens can randomly turn symbols into x2 and x3 multipliers. If both ravens land on the reels, players will be awarded an x6 multiplier.

Lastly, Thor is unlocked on the 15th trigger and awards 25 spins with Rolling Reels, which award multiple consecutive wins and increase the multiplier to x5.

However, bets and paylines during these bonus rounds play the same as those of the spin that triggered the Great Hall of Spins.

The Wild Storm Bonus Round

In addition to the Great Hall of Spins, Thunderstruck II also features a Wild Storm bonus round which is randomly triggered during regular play. The Wild Storm bonus makes as many as five reels wild, allowing players to win with multiple combinations on each payline.

However, scatter and wild symbols are not played during this special bonus.

Is It Worth Playing Thunderstruck II?

There are numerous reasons why you should play Thunderstruck II including:

  • Plenty of bonus rounds and symbols to keep players interested
  • Lots of paylines and opportunities for players to win
  • Jaw-dropping graphics and an amazing soundtrack
  • While the game is highly praised among players, we’ve heard a few common complaints which include: