Best Gambling Sites for 2021

In recent years people started to get used to getting things done from the comfort of their own home. Grocery shopping, banking and booking holidays – it’s all done with the click of a button. It should come to no surprise then that online gambling sites have risen in popularity over the years as well.

However, it’s not always easy to pick the right casino site since many factors can make it a hit or miss. Check out our top five gambling sites and learn how to review online casinos yourself.

The Benefits of Gambling Online

Benefits and DisadvantagesThere are numerous benefits of using gambling sites over visiting real casinos. Some people live too far from a land-based casino to travel there whenever they want to play, or maybe the closest casino doesn’t offer a great selection of games or is closed for refurbishment.

On top of that, many land-based casinos are restricted by size and space, whereas gambling sites don’t face that restriction. They offer much more compared to real casinos and cater to a wider range of people. Some gambling sites also offer better payment options, customer service, bonuses and promotions. Take a look at more benefits below:

  • More Games: This is incredibly important to most people. Gambling sites can sometimes offer double, or more, the number of gambling games available at land-based casinos. There’s a huge selection of games to choose from and endless variations of your favourite games.
  • Frequent Updates: Gambling sites are frequently updated, so new games are always being added which may feature even better graphics and sounds, or fresh gameplay mechanics to provide players with a new challenge. There’s always something to look forward to.
  • Easy Transfers and Withdrawals: Along with a wide range of games, online casinos offer easy bank transfers to deposit or withdraw money. Most of them also offer a number of different payment options such as PayPal, E-Wallets and the traditional debit and credit cards.
  • Better Bonuses and Promotions: Compared to real-casinos, gambling sites offer much better bonuses and promotions, giving players a chance to win more. Players can expect to receive great welcome bonuses and much more with online casinos.
  • Higher Chance of Winning: Reports also suggest that people gambling online are more likely to win than those who play at real-casinos, and who doesn’t want a better chance to win? However, please note that gambling never guarantees any return and you should only wager what you can afford to lose!

How We Review Gambling Sites

SmartphoneCasino’s dedicated team of reviewers and testers look into every aspect of each online casinos and provide detailed reviews to help you select a casino that suits your personal preferences. We look at things like game selection, security for transactions and player information, the fairness of games, operator licenses and whether customer support is available and satisfactory.

Since your safety is our top priority, we always start making sure that a casino site obtained the proper licenses by the UK’s Gambling Commission, and works together with eCogra, an independent organisation which tests the fairness and reliability of games at online gambling sites.

We also take a look at the site’s deposit process, assessing the transaction speed and whether we encounter any problems with their service. Our reviewers also look into the number of payment options offered by the online casino. To us, a wide range of accepted payment methods is a signal of good user experience and putting the player first.

For each casino, we also contact customer support with various questions and queries to analyse their response time, effectiveness and quality of support. If things don’t go according to plan, it is vital that a gambling site offers you all the help you need to solve your problem.

For more information on how we review and rank casinos, visit our About Us page or take a look at our reviews for detailed information.

Do Casino Sites Work on Mobile Phones

It’s easier than ever before to get started with online gambling thanks to the constant development of new and growing technology. PCs and laptops are stronger than ever and can handle more complex variations of games that feature complicated gameplay mechanics or just better graphics and sounds. Casino games can be played by downloading casino software or by playing in-browser using Flash or HTML5 software.

All new players have to do is find a casino they like by flicking through our in-depth reviews and then registering with the casino through their website. After that, players need to fill in their personal information and find their perfect game.

Meanwhile, users can also gamble on their smartphones and tablet devices through either a native app or in-browsers, it just depends on the device you’re using and which mobile operating systems it’s running on.

Apple users are sometimes required to download casino apps to play games on their smartphones as the Apple iOS doesn’t support Adobe Flash, a software that runs video and games. However, casinos which are running on HTML5 will work perfectly well on an Apple device.

Android users can also download dedicated casino apps to play their favourite games. Android did support Flash in the past but dropped the software over the last few years. This means that, like Apple, in-browser casinos using Flash cannot be played on Android devices, but those running HTML5 software can.

Windows Phone users will have more trouble finding online casinos that work with their device. While you won’t find many casino apps for Windows Phone, the operating system does support both HTML5 and Flash so you’ll have no problems playing in-browser.

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  • What is Online Gambling?

    Online gambling involves users playing risk-based games over the internet with real money. Anyone playing these games should understand that they can both lose and win real money unless they’re playing free versions of games in which money cannot be won or lost.

  • Are Gambling Sites Safe?

    As we’ve mentioned above, SmartphoneCasinos carefully look into the security and safety of each gambling site before recommending them to players. To offer gambling services online casinos are required to be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Meanwhile, companies such as eCOGRA regulate the fairness and reliability of the casino games offered.

  • Can I Play on Mobile Devices?

    Absolutely. Users can play on their desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones and tablet devices. However, it’s important to understand that casino apps may have to be downloaded to your device in order to play as they may not be functional in-browser. Take a look at our guide above to find out more.

  • What Games Are Available?

    Gambling sites today offer a huge array of games which can include traditional casino games such as poker, slots, blackjack and roulette. They also offer numerous variations of each game and games you’ll be less likely to find at land-based casinos such as Mahjong, Sic Bo and Craps. Most games, such as HD online slots, can even be played on your mobile phone.

  • Can I Play Casino Games for Free?

    Yes. Many gambling sites allow users to play for free in order to get an understanding of the game. Players should research a casino and find out whether they offer a demo or free version of their games before registering. However, it’s important that players understand that they cannot win any money because it’s free.

  • How About Bonuses and Promotions?

    Pretty much anything you’d find at land-based casinos and more. In fact, gambling sites are eager to snap up more customers, so they’re more likely to offer players better promotions and bonuses in order to keep them coming. Take a look at the available promotions and bonuses before registering.