Scottish Grandfather Wins £75,000 From 50p Wager on Irish Lotto


A Scottish, whiskey-loving grandfather of seven was left amazed after winning £75,000 from a 50p wager on the Irish Lotto.

The 71-year-old Celtic fan, who lives in Port Glasgow and has chosen to remain anonymous, made the winning bet at his local Betfred bookies.

In an interview with the Daily Record, the grandfather revealed plans to treat his family with the huge win and replace his old Suzuki car.

He said: “I might even treat myself to a Rolls Royce, you never know. But first, I’m planning another trip to my favourite holiday destination Ireland.

“For seven or eight years I’ve been using the same numbers on the Irish, Canadian and Greek lotto. They are based around birthdays, and dates of birth of people I know and I’ve stayed loyal to those five numbers… every single time!”

Celebrating the Big Win

He continued: “I can’t believe it’s paid off. I just feel shocked and as a connoisseur of single malts, you can expect me to have a few celebratory drinks! I’ll definitely be drinking some more than usual.”

When asked what he plans on doing with the money, the grandfather said: “As well as a new bigger car, plus handing out some cash to my family, I will maybe get myself down to Parkhead a bit more to see the Bhoys live.”

The news comes after a Welsh shop manager won £100,000 on a lottery scratchcard. Meanwhile, Callie Rogers, a woman who won a £1.87 million lottery jackpot in 2003, has revealed she’s happier “than ever” despite spending all the money.