Welsh Shop Manager Wins £100K on Scratchcard after Bailing on Bingo


A Welsh shop manager won £100,000 on a scratchcard and has revealed his plans on treating his mother to a holiday.

David Godfrey, from Waun Wen, Swansea, had initially planned on going to bingo earlier this month but decided to go for a walk along the seafront with friend Laura Gamey and her daughter instead after several friends pulled out of the bingo trip.

As Godfrey was walking back home, Laura’s daughter wanted a drink so the trio visited the Co-op in the marina where the 25-year-old decided to buy a scratchcard.

Speaking to Wales Online, Godfrey said: “On the way back Laura’s daughter wanted a drink so we went into Co-op in the marina and I wasn’t even going to buy anything and it was the first time I’d ever been in that shop.

“I thought, ‘I’ll buy a scratchcard’ and I was debating between two and went for the cheaper one. I went outside and started scratching it and I saw the £100,000 and then I saw another one and could see the letters underneath and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I think I’ve won.’”

He added: “I genuinely thought I was going to wake up and it was all going to be a dream.”

David Godfrey Plans on Buying His First House with the Winnings

Godfrey, a manager at Argos in Morfa Retail Park, has planned to buy his first house with the winnings but states he’ll use his work discount to save money on furniture.

He said: “Even though I work full-time, I’ve been living with my mum while I try and save for a house. Now though, I can get a place of my own and treat my mum to a holiday to say a massive thank you.

“I want to take my mother to New York. We’re going to fly on a posh airline.”

Godfrey’s mother, Michelle Rand, said she was “delighted” about her son’s win, saying: “He is the best son ever and really deserves it.

“I was surprised when he said about the holiday, I didn’t know anything about it. He’s generous to a fault. Everyone’s always teased me, saying ‘You’ve got to let him go’ but I’m really happy for him.”

She added: “He’s really independent and works hard and no-one deserves it more.”

The news comes after Welsh railway worker Jordon Morgan won £70,000 on a scratchcard. Meanwhile, a Heathrow Airport cleaner was caught stealing over £2,500 worth of scratchcards from WHSmith.