Leicester Man Tricked Into Thinking He Won £250K on Fake Scratchcard

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A man from Leicester was shocked after discovering he had won £250,000 from a scratch card. What he didn’t know, however, was that the scratch card was fake.

The unnamed man’s friend played the joke on him and recorded the man’s reaction as he discovered the win and visited the Co-op to claim the prize.

Speaking to Leicestershire Live, the friend, who wants to remain anonymous, said: “He was the perfect guy to do it too. The reason being is because we both like to have a bit of a gamble.”

The jokester revealed he had been planning on doing it for several months and after deciding to finally prank his friend, he bought several fake scratch cards online and mixed them with a few real cards.

He said: “He picked a couple up and he decided, randomly, to scratch the fake one off first.”

In the video, the man can be seen scratching one of the cards, revealing he had won £250,000. The man then begins celebrating the win excitedly before the pair decided to stop off at a local Co-op shop to claim the prize.

Claiming The Prize

It’s there, however, where the man discovers the scratch card is fake. After entering the New Parks Co-op store, the man was told by a store assistant that the card is fake.

Describing his reaction after learning the card was fake, the man told Leicester Live that he “couldn’t believe it”.

He revealed how he’s had people laugh at him since the video was put online. Then, when asked whether he has any plans for revenge, he said: “Oh, don’t you worry about that, something is coming.”

While this win proved to be a practical joke, there have been numerous real scratch card winners throughout the UK in recent weeks. Just last week a shop manager won £100,000 on a lottery scratch card. Meanwhile, a Welsh railway worker was left shocked after he won £70,000!