Woman Wins €50K on Scratchcard Six Months After Winning Same Prize


An unbelievably lucky Irish woman won €50,000 on a lotto scratchcard just six months after winning the exact same prize.

The Wexford woman, who has chosen to remain anonymous, won the top prize on an All Cash Platinum scratchcard and visited the National Lottery HQ to collect the prize Wednesday (September 26).

She had also visited the National Lottery HQ to collect the same prize back in April. The woman also bought both winnings tickets in the Kiosk at the Abbey Centre in Enniscorthy, Wexford, Ireland.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, the Wexford woman said: “It’s amazing. I really cannot believe it! I bought a few things for the house with the last win and still have a huge chunk of it left.

“So this win will allow us to share it out among the family.”

She also recalled the moment she bought the winning ticket, explaining: “I was in the Kiosk and just thought I’d buy a Platinum just to try my luck again and I just cannot believe that it was another winner.

“My husband is claiming that he has lucky hands as he scratched both cards but I told him that it’s my feet that are lucky as I was the one who walked to the shop to buy the cards when I was out.”

Lottery Winners

The news comes just weeks after a Dublin man won the top prize of €1000,000 in the Daily Winnings lotto. The millionaire revealed he had expected to find a mistake on his ticket when he presented it at the Lotto HQ.

The man, who chose to remain anonymous, didn’t have plans on quitting his job but said the money would be a “huge help” to his family, who still didn’t know about his massive win.

Speaking to the Irish Sun, the man revealed he was planning on handing each family member an envelope with a cheque inside, saying: “I haven’t told a soul so I can’t wait to get the family together and hand them each an envelope with a cheque inside.

“It’s a dream come true for me to help people out like that. It’s a massive bonus alright but it won’t affect my day to day life and I’ll be back to work in the morning as usual.”