Ipswich Taxi Driver Wins Big on People’s Postcode Lottery

People's Postcode Lottery

A taxi driver from Ipswich has won a life-changing sum of £30,000 from the People’s Postcode Lottery.

Garry Waugh was stunned when the lottery company visited his home with a cheque. “I am over the moon, when I think about it I still get tearful. It means a lot to me and the family. The win couldn’t of came at a better time.” said the man.

The 52-year-old won the prize after being registered for the lottery for 3 years, even though his wife Kim wasn’t always thrilled by it.

“Kim wondered why I kept sticking at it and I told her it is because I believe I will win won day and now I have.” said Garry.

The Agonising Wait

The Postcode Lottery informed him by phone that he had won a week prior handing him the cheque. However, the amount of the win wasn’t disclosed.

“The wait was agonising, we had sleepless nights and we all just kept wondering how much it could be. We were so excited, we weren’t even able to eat properly. I said to my step-daughter Jessica that if it was a big cheque I would take her to Disneyland Florida.” the father-of-four recalled.

The day when the cheque was revealed was nerve-wracking for Garry and his family. “When the film crew arrived and I discovered the cheque was for £30,000, Jessica sobbed for two hours because she knew she was going to Florida. Me and my wife were also emotional, we couldn’t believe it.”

When it comes to how to spend his winnings, Garry plans to pay off his taxi, buy his wife an eternity ring and organise Jessica’s trip to Disneyland Florida. The rest of the money will go into his mortgage and the rest of his children.

“My step-daughter Hannah wants to go to Ibiza so I might pay for that, she is also learning to drive so the money could also go towards her first car. My other children who are older, Ashley and Emma, will also have some money from me.”

People’s Postcode Lottery

People’s Postcode Lottery is committed to contribute a minimum of 32% from each of their ticket to charity. As of today, players of the lottery have already raised £330 million for over 4,000 good causes across the UK.

Back in August, a couple living in Leigh-on-Sea also scooped £30,000 from the lottery. They planned to spend their winnings on visits to their family in Australia.