Retired Policeman Wins £250,000 on First Health Lottery Mega Raffle

Retired Police Officer Wins Health Lottery Mega Raffle

Retired police officer Mick Aston has taken home a whopping £250k on the Health Lottery, becoming the very first Mega Raffle winner.

The 70-year-old only has 8 months of experience playing the lottery. He is planning to spend his newly gained fortune on a new bungalow.

The Wakefield man was surprised to discover he was the first quarter-millionaire winner. “I was in total shock, it’s taken a while to sink in. Actually, I don’t think it has sunk it yet. I am so happy.” Mick described.

The former police officer, whose wife past away a couple of years ago, is going to purchase a new accessible home with his £250,000 winnings.

“The money is really going to change my life. I think I am going to buy a bungalow, that would be brilliant.”

“I’m so lucky to have won. I will continue playing the lottery as I know it supports lots of good causes over the UK including my local area and that is really great.”

The Health Lottery

To become a Mega Raffle winner, players are required to pay £1 per line and select 5 numbers between 1 and 50. For each line purchased in the main Health Lottery draw in each of their 5 draws per week, the player is also given one automatic entry into that month’s Mega Raffle.

Aiming to make a difference to people’s lives across the UK by supporting good causes, The Health Lottery has already raised more than £100 million.

“Mick is a regular Health Lottery player and we wish him our warmest congratulations and hope he enjoys this wonderful prize.” said Martin Ellice from The Health Lottery.

The next Mega Raffle will be drawn on 1st October. The money raised will be contributing to local health causes in the North West.