73-Year-Old Wins $10 Million in Lottery After Buying Snacks for Dog

73-year-old Buying Dog Treats Wins $10 Million in Lottery

A man from Fort Edward, New York will be living large after scooping $10 million in the lottery – and it happened all because he stopped over at the store to buy Slim Jims for his dog.

According to New York Lottery officials, the 73-year-old Dale Farrand is the latest winner of the Cash Spectacular lottery game, regulated by the New York Lottery. The Fort Edward man purchased the winning scratch-off ticket with $30 at a local Cumberland Farms convenience store while buying treats for his dog, Boots.

“I scratched it in the car and started shaking when I realised I won,” the lucky winner recalled. He then drove straight home to his wife to get her to check the ticket for him.

“She was a lot more excited than I was,” said Farrand.

Nevertheless, the man will only take home a lump-sum payment of $6,718,000 because of required withholdings. Despite that Farrand is still very satisfied and is already planning how to spend his massive winnings.

“I’ll use the money to pay off the mortgage and help out our children and grandchildren,” stated the 73-year-old. He also mentioned that he would make home improvements with the money.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, a retired police officer from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, has recently become the first Mega Raffle winner of the Health Lottery, receiving a whopping £250,000.