New York Construction Worker Returns to Work after Winning over USD$200M in Lottery

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A construction worker living in New York, United States scooped more than USD$200 million in the lottery, but he is not planning to quit his job any time soon. Instead, he showed up at work as usual on the day after he won.

New Yorker Nandlall Mangal landed a striking USD$245.6 million in the Powerball Game operated by the New York Lottery on 11th August. He spent USD$10 on the winning ticket.

The 42-year-old pocketed a sum of just under USD$100 million after tax. However, rather than busy popping the champagne and booking luxury holidays, he went to work as usual the next day.

Nandlall even wanted to keep his life-changing win a secret from people around him and continued to live his life as normal. He managed to do that for weeks. His friends and family have absolutely no clue about his newly gained fortune, until he was forced to go public last month by a New York State law.

Now it’s been almost 2 months since the massive win, Nandlall still has no plans to quit his job. The lucky winner and his wife, who have no children, were warned that long-lost relatives might be hoping to cash in on his winnings.

“If I didn’t know them two weeks ago, I don’t know them today,” the man joked.

Plans for the Massive Winnings

Nandlall revealed that didn’t find out he was a millionaire straight away. He was out of town when the lottery results were announced so his ticket had sat on his kitchen table for weeks.

“I really don’t check the ticket that often. Who’s going to think they won the lotto?” he said.

Nandlall doesn’t have any big plans for his money so far other than going on a trip to Hawaii, but he has already got in touch with a financial planner.

“I’m going to invest some, pay off my bills, my debts. I’m pretty sure at some time, I’ll buy a new car … I always wanted to travel, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to travel. I would like to go to Hawaii,”

Nandlall said he wouldn’t be playing the lottery anymore. “It’s time for someone else to win.”