Australian FIFO Worker Quits His Job after Scooping $1M Lotto Jackpot


An Australian fly-in-fly-out worker has decided to quit his job of 30 years after scooping a lottery jackpot of $1 million.

The lucky man from Perth bought the winning lottery ticket at a nearby newsagent after finishing work for the last time. He was optimistic towards landing on a massive win when he saw the newsagent decorated in celebration of selling a Division One winning ticket for Wednesday’s lottery.

The FIFO worker is excited to pay off his debts and mortgage following his 6-figure payday.

“This win is life changing. I can hang up my FIFO hat and get an eight hour-a-day job in town, and that means more time with my family.” said the man.

He is going to build his retirement fund and treat his wife and children with his newly gained fortune.

The million-dollar ticket was sold to him by the Major Luck Lottery Centre in Clarkson, northern Perth.

As a FIFO worker, the now millionaire used to work 12-hour shifts for a maximum of 8 days in a row, spending most of his time away from his family.