Couple Plans to Marry after Scooping £1M on National Lottery Raffle


A couple won a staggering £1 million from the most recent Lotto Millionaire Raffle draw. They are planning to tie the knot and purchase a home.

Mick Tyler and fiancee Sarah Harmer discovered they were the latest lottery winners one day before they set off to Portugal for a 1-week holiday. The couple however played it cool and had no plans to put their long-awaited holiday plans on hold. They quickly confirmed with Camelot regarding their win the following morning and reserved their dream home while in Portugal.

The pair were most excited about being able to bring their wedding 2 years forward. “I proposed to Sarah on Christmas Eve but in order to save up for the wedding, we weren’t going to get married until June 2020,” said Mike, 35.

The man and his fiancee decided that they wouldn’t wait any longer to tie the knot while they were on holiday. They phoned the wedding venue and now they will be officially married almost a year sooner than their original plan.

He continued: “After that I think we were on a roll, so we called the developers who we’d seen building our dream house around the corner from our current home and decided to put a reserve on that too. Then we sat back and enjoyed the Portuguese sun!”

The Lucky Journey

Mike and Sarah’s luck began with Mike depositing £30 into his National Lottery online account. He played a line for the draw on 29th September and didn’t think much about it, until an email from the National Lottery caught his attention when he was having dinner with his family.

Mike showed the email to his dad, who thought it was probably just a small win. But when he got home later that evening and checked the email again, he was shocked to find out that he had actually won £1 million.

“I showed Sarah who immediately got the numbers up on the TV and cross-referenced to the winning Lotto Millionaire Raffle code,” Mick recalled.

“Alongside ‘I do’, hearing ‘Oh my God Mick, you’ve won a million’ from Sarah are words I won’t forget in a while!”

Returned home from Portugal, Mike and Sarah are thrilled about planning their upcoming wedding and honeymoon in the United States, as well as choosing furniture for their new house.

The couple have no solid plans on how to use the money apart from their wedding and new property.

“We will both carry on working and in the future might consider setting up our own business or investing in property but for now, we will focus on our new home and that big day in September next year; and maybe spend just a little more time improving my golf handicap!” said Mike.