Irish Woman Wins €250K on Scratch Card with €10 Stake


A lucky woman from Roscommon, Ireland, celebrated her staggering win of €250,000 on a €10 National Lottery scratch card.

Collected her cheque in the National Lottery offices in Dublin, the winner talked about her incredible experience.

“It’s just very hard to believe that I’ve won a quarter of a million euro on a scratch card,” said the woman.

“That moment when the top prize symbol appeared on the card was just so surreal,”

The Roscommon native thought she had made a mistake when she first found out she might have won. She called the National Lottery to check, and after a pause on the other end of the phone, the National Lottery worker asked if she was sitting down. She was then told that she had just won €250,000.

Sharing the Good News with Family

The anonymous winner is yet to tell her family about her newly gained fortune.

“I haven’t told very many people yet because I’m still coming to terms with it myself.

“I’m going to take a couple of weeks to get over this marvellous shock and then I will share the news with my close family,” said the lucky lady.

She said she was looking forward to paying off all her bills as well as having a proper celebration with her family.

The latest millionaire purchased the winning Money Multiplier scratch card at the Newsround Store at Roscommon town centre. The store is no first timer to selling lottery tickets with massive prizes. In 1991, it had 3 Lotto jackpot wins and 2 separate wins occurred in 1999.

“This is an incredible win for the town and there has been a genuine outpouring of support for whoever the lucky lady is,” commented Newsround store owner Barry O’Connor.