Is Online Blackjack Rigged? Find Out Here

Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

Blackjack is one of the most well-known table casino games. It’s available at most online casinos around the world but people new to gambling are often worried that about playing online blackjack rigged games. Thankfully, as casino experts, we know that there are no rigged online blackjack games. If you want to know why, continue reading here.

Why Online Blackjack Games Cannot Be Rigged

There are numerous reasons why online blackjack games cannot be rigged and we’ve decided to explain them in-depth below so you understand why you can trust these online games, and have a fun time playing them too.


The first major reasons why online blackjack games cannot be rigged is because of licensing and regulation. For those of you who do not know, in the UK all casino operators, game providers, and betting sites must possess a valid license from the UK Gambling Commission in order to offer any form of gambling activities. To gain one of these licenses, operators will need to follow the Commission’s stringent guidelines regarding the fairness of online casino games including blackjack.

As per the Commission’s instructions, all online casino games must provide players with a fair chance of winning. Any casino operator who is found to violate this condition can have their license revoked, meaning they can no longer offer their gambling services to the UK. This essentially means that online casinos offering blackjack have to make it fair or they go out of business in the UK.

The same rules apply to most other gambling regulators from around the world, although they may not necessarily be as strict as the UK Gambling Commission. These regulations and conditions ensure that you are protected as a player and customer, and are given a fair chance at winning.

However, we do have to warn that some gambling regulators are less stringent when it comes to fair-play at online casinos, which means you may still encounter some casinos offering fixed games or titles somewhat skewed in their favour. To avoid playing at these casinos and these games, we suggest you only stick with online casino sites licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, one of the best gambling regulators around.

Game Tests

All online casino games in the UK are tested and regulated by independent bodies outside of the Commission. One firm that does this is eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) which is split into two divisions; the Approved Testing Agency (ATA) Services which tests games for their fairness and gameplay, and the Self-Regulation Services (SRS) which aims to protect players.

There are numerous other testing bodies out there, but eCOGRA is one of the big ones. They all essentially work to ensure that you’re offered the best games that are of a high-quality and are completely fair to play. This is just one other reason why online blackjack games are not rigged.

House Edge and RTP

There are also two terms you need to learn about when it comes to online gambling; RTP and House Edge. Return to Player (RTP) rates state the percentage of wagered money that is eventually paid back to players, essentially highlighting your chance of winning on certain games.

Meanwhile, the House Edge is the opposite, noting the casino’s chance of winning on a game. Both of these rates are fixed and cannot be changed, and they both inform you of your chance at winning a game. These two rates suggest that online casino games including blackjack are not rigged.

How Does Blackjack Play Online?

Online blackjack plays just like their real-life counterparts. The game, which is also known as Twenty One, requires you to try and beat the dealer, or in this case the computer, by creating a card-count of as close to 21 as possible without going over the number.

When the game begins, you’ll be asked to bet on who you believe will win the game; either you, the casino or a draw. After this, the computer will deal two cards to you and, depending on the variation you’re playing, will either deal one or two cards to itself. You must add the value of your two cards together to try and create a value close to 21 that is higher than the computer’s.

Once the cards have been dealt, you’ll either be able to draw your cards against the computer or be dealt another card to help create a better hand total. However, it’s important to note that if you go over the value, you go bust and the computer automatically wins. If both you and the dealer managed to keep your card values under 21, whoever has the higher value will win the game and the bets will be paid accordingly. That’s it – online blackjack is just as simple as playing the game in real life.

However, we do have to note that there are dozens of unique online blackjack variations which mix-up gameplay, introduced new features, and offer an exciting new perspective on the game to make it more exciting. The rules will generally remain the same, but these variations may make some changes so it’s important to check the rules beforehand. You can find out more about blackjack and its rules here in our dedicated blackjack game guide.

What Developers Make Online Blackjack Games?

Since online blackjack has grown incredibly popular over the last few years, more game developers have turned their attention towards the iconic title. Today, you’ll find that leading game developers have released their own variation of the classic card game, but the developers you should really look out for are:

All of these developers have an established reputation amongst the gambling community and have developed several popular online blackjack games as well an assortment of video slots and other titles. If you’d like some suggestions for the best blackjack games to play, continue reading on!

What Are The Best Online Blackjack Games?

One of the best aspects of playing online blackjack games is that they’re generally widely available at most online casinos. Although online casinos don’t offer as many online blackjack games as they do video slots, you’ll still be able to find a great selection of blackjack titles. You can take a look at three of the best online blackjack games below, as well as details on where you can find these titles.

Blackjack by Relax Gaming

Blackjack by Relax Gaming is one of the most popular online blackjack titles available now. The game takes place on a virtual blackjack table in which you play against a computer. It follows all of the traditional rules of blackjack and requires you to place virtual casino chips on the table to place wages.

The game has an excellent RTP value of 99.6%, giving you a great chance at making wins. It can be found at online casinos such as The Grand Ivy Casino, Dunder, Mr Green, Casumo, and so many other online casinos.

Blackjack Multi-Hand by Play’n GO

Blackjack Multi-Hand is another popular online blackjack game. This title follows the traditional blackjack rules but, unlike the other blackjack titles here, this game allows you to play with more than one hand, offering even more excitement than traditional online blackjack titles.

Play’n GO’s Blackjack Multi-Hand has a somewhat lower RTP value of 99.49% but it’s still worth playing. You can find it at online casinos such as Mr Play, Casino Calzone, Dunder, and numerous others.

First Person Blackjack by Evolution Gaming

First Person Blackjack is a unique take on the familiar card game, offering players an up-close first-person perspective on the game. This title follows the traditional gameplay rules but benefits from advanced visuals which provide an authentic gambling experience.

First Person Blackjack, developed by Evolution Gaming, has an RTP of 99.21% and can be found at online casinos such as Unibet, Dunder, BetVictor, All British Casino, Mr Green, Guts, and so many others.

Live Blackjack Games

Finally, there’s also live blackjack. These are blackjack games which are hosted by a real-life dealer who is streamed directly to you. You can interact with the dealer and everyone else playing the game through a dedicated chat service.

The great thing about live blackjack games is that they come in numerous variations and most online casinos offering them! You can find live blackjack titles at PlayOJO Casino, Mr Play, The Grand Ivy, Casimba, Klasino, Fun Casino, and so many other websites.

So Online Blackjack Games Are Safe To Play?

Absolutely. In short, online blackjack isn’t rigged and is completely safe for you to play. Due to licensing and regulation, as well as the rigorous testing by numerous firms, online blackjack games are all fair. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to playing these types of games.

In fact, the main issue you’ll encounter is trying to find an online casino that offers the right blackjack games that you enjoy to play. So if you are looking to play online blackjack and want to find the best casinos for doing so, you should take a look at our list of the best UK online casinos here.