ComeOn Launches New Responsible Gambling Tool With AI Technology


Casino operator ComeOn has launched a new responsible gambling tool with AI technology.

The gambling website partnered with data science specialist Neccton to create a new responsible gambling tool that will help the firm identify and avoid problem gambling behaviour.

According to reports, ComeOn hasn’t yet detailed how the technology works but says the AI tech will detect changes in behaviour, assess risk patterns of a user’s wagers and flag any potential signs of a gambling addiction.

ComeOn hopes that technology and tool will prevent customers from gambling more than they can actually afford and the casino wants to create an environment where staff at the casino can provide effective support for players.

According to ComeOn’s press release, if the tech flags any issues the AI will offer personalised feedback to users and encourage more responsible gambling.

What They Say

In a statement, Helena Berg, ComeOn’s Responsible Gaming Manager, said: “At ComeOn, we are convinced that gaming services can be delivered in a safe and sustainable way.

“Providing the right conditions and incentives for players to gamble responsibly is part of how we take care of our customers and ensure the safe and high-quality service we want to offer them.”

Dr. Michael Auer, the Director at Neccton, added: “We are happy that ComeOn has chosen Neccton as their partner to help ensure player safety to their customers.

“Using modern technology to analyse player behaviour, detect risk signals and in a user-friendly way inform the players is a great method that has proven to be successful [in] modifying player behaviour.”

The news comes as the UK Gambling Commission continues to tighten its regulation of gambling services in the UK. The regulatory body announced new rule changes this month to better protect customers.

According to the Commission, the new rules will change how staff interact with vulnerable customers as part of an effort to improve responsible gambling social standards across the UK.

The firm also launched a 12-week consultation on the use of credit cards with online gambling this week. The consultation, which was announced last month, will look at the possibility of banning credit card use altogether at online casinos.