The Best Online Casino Games To Win Money

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Gambling is a fun experience and to some people, the excitement comes from being given a chance to make wins on games. Since there are dozens of casino games available which makes it difficult for players to find the best online casino games to win money with. If you’re looking for some inspiration, just take a look here to discover more.

Winning Money With Online Casino Games

You can win money with online casino games simply by playing them. Different casino games will have different rules regarding how to wager and you can make wins but it’s usually quite easy to understand once you begin playing. Generally speaking, you’ll need to have registered with an online casino and must have made a deposit in order to play games.

When you play games, you’ll need to select how much you want to wager and then confirm the bet. If you’re lucky and make a win, it will be credited back to your balance for you to either use on another bet or for you to withdraw and take home. However, it is important to note if you’re playing with a casino bonus there may be restrictions on how much you can wager or there may be restrictions on the maximum win amount made via games.

Again, the rules regarding making wins and placing bets will vary depending on the casino game so it’s a good idea to know the different types of games available. If you’re new to online casinos, it’s worth checking out our beginner’s guide for all the information you need.

The Different Online Casino Games

As mentioned, there are dozens of different casino games for players to enjoy. The number of games available at each website will depend on the individual casino, but most modern-day websites offer players a vast selection of around 1,000 titles. Other online casinos provide customers with even more, with sites such as PlayOJO Casino going as high as up to 3,000 casino games.

While this is great and offers players with excellent variety, it can also be overwhelming and may prevent some users from finding games they enjoy or the best online casino games to win money with. This, as well as the rules regarding wins and bets for each game, is why it’s important to have an understanding of the different games available at an online casino and how they work. We’ve explained most of the games below but more information can be found in our dedicated casino game guide here.

Video Slots

Video slots are generally the most common form of casino game available and are usually found at all gambling websites. Essentially, video slots are the online version of classic slot machines in which players spin reels to create matching combinations for wins. Now, the online versions of these games aren’t much different as they still require you to create matching combinations. The only main difference between the online and real-life versions is that online slots will generally have more unique themes as well as special features.

Special features in video slots range include Wild symbols that can help substitute other symbols to create more wins and Scatter symbols which usually trigger a Free Spins mode. Some slots also include Multipliers which boost winnings, randomly triggered features which have varying effects on the reels, and Bonus Games where you can win cash prizes.


Jackpots play just like video slots but the main difference between them is that jackpots usually provide players with a chance to trigger large jackpot wins which can vary in size from small to absolutely life-changing. There are two different types of jackpots; those that offer a fixed sum and progressive jackpots which takes contributions from all player bets and adds them to a constantly-growing jackpot pool. Depending on the game and its developer, some of these jackpot slots may be connected across multiple casinos or games, making it harder for players to win the overall jackpot.

Like with video slots, these jackpot games usually have fun themes which can be based on licensed products or are completely new. Jackpots also tend to feature the same special features found in video slots and allow you to make wins just as you would in traditional video slots. The main appeal here is that you can win big jackpots along the way.

Table Games

Online table games are simply variations of classic table games such as roulette, blackjack, and the countless variations of poker. The rules for playing these games do not change and you play these as you would in real-life by placing wagers on the table. However, it’s important to highlight that there are dozens of variations of these new games which introduce new bets, new gameplay mechanics, or simply offer new themes or visuals to enjoy.

There are also live versions of these games which are hosted by real-life dealers that are streamed directly to you. What’s more, these live games are played by several players at once and everyone can interact with each other and the live dealer through a unique chat room feature. You can enjoy countless variations of your favourite games as well as other content such as live slots. These online and live table games provide you with an authentic gambling experience from the comfort of your own home.

Other Content

If that’s not enough, online casinos may host a range of other content including bingo rooms, online scratchcards, instant-win content, and slingo games which is a combination of bingo and video slots. While some of this content is just regular real-life games converted for online use, others such as slingo are unique to online casinos and cannot be found anywhere else, including at real-life venues.

Online bingo rooms have chatrooms where you can talk with other players and potentially even build lasting relationships, and you’ll be able to enjoy various versions of bingo including 90-ball, 80-ball, and 75-ball bingo. When it comes to scratchcards, you’ll be able to enjoy both unique and branded titles and, if lucky, can earn free tickets for matching the right symbols, giving you even more chances of making wins.

Return To Player: What Is it?

Return to Player, known as RTP in the casino industry, is the percentage calculation of all the wagered money that a video slot or casino game will pay back to players. The percentage is calculated over a long period of time but, generally speaking, a higher percentage will result in a higher of making wins.

So, if you’re looking for the best online casino games to win money on, your best bet is to take a look at the RTP percentages of all games and playing those that have higher rates. Now, most video slots will have RTP rates of between 94% and 96%, and they usually don’t go any higher than this. However, table games will usually have a higher RTP rate, edging closer to around 98% which means it’s more common for players to make wins with those games.

When most people discover RTP rates they get excited believing they can calculate the RTP of a game to work out when it will next issue a payout. Unfortunately, you cannot calculate the RTP of a game and even if you could, there’d be no point as it doesn’t tell you when you’ll trigger a payout, online the likelihood of one over a very long period of time. In some cases, RTP rates for games can include past players as well as those playing on the same network. If you’d like to know more about RTP rates and how they work, we recommend you take a look through our in-depth guide here.

Online Casinos With The Most Games

The best way to find online casino games with high payouts will be to register with an online casino that offers a huge selection of casino games. This means that you’re more likely to find a game that offers a high RTP and will be offered a range of games with higher RTPs. What’s more, online casinos with a larger selection of casino games will offer more content which is great for someone who gets bored easily or even for someone who enjoys playing both video slots and traditional table content.

If you’d like to know which online casinos offer the most games, we’ve put together a short list of our top recommendations which include:

All of the online casinos we’ve listed here are completely licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and offer a wide selection of casino games, many of which have high RTP rates. You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of promotions, experience great customer support, make payments through several major methods, and have plenty of fun.

However, it’s important to note that the sites we’ve listed above won’t necessarily offer the same games. They are all powered by various game developers and it may even be worth registering with multiple casino websites to take advantage of the full casino experience. Regardless, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find a wide selection of fun and exciting casino games which all provide you with a fair chance at winning money.