On Air Entertainment To Launch New Sports-Themed Live Casino Game

On Air Entertainment Card Matchup

Live game provider On Air Entertainment has announced plans to launch a new sports-themed and card-based live casino game.

The game, titled Card Matchup, requires players to bet on who they believe will win, Home or Away. Whichever faction draws the highest card wins in the game, and the live title includes table-felt animations for a more exciting experience.

Card Matchup accepts an unlimited number of players and provides users with all the statistics required during each shoe to make a final bet decision, including the percentage of bets placed, winning streaks, and historical results.

What’s more, the game features a customisable UI colour palette so operators can utilise their own branding and select various sports teams.

Card Matchup will be available on November 10th in all licensed jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom. It’s the latest game to come from On Air Entertainment, and it comes after the release of Eclipse Blackjack and Auto Roulette.

What They Say

Armands Zalitis, the Head of Product at One Air Entertainment, said in a statement via European Gaming: “Our next game, Card Matchup, will provide a dynamic sports-themed game to players.

“We bring a new complete experience with table animations across different game phases, offering tailored offerings to our clients and centred around sports. This is yet another remarkable outcome and was only made possible by the team at On Air Entertainment through their enthusiasm and commitment.”