Man Who Died in Bath City’s Betfred Betting Shop Has Been Named


A man who was found dead at a betting shop in the city centre of Bath has officially been named.

Nebojsa Cvetanovic was working at the Betford store in Bath’s North Parade Passage as cover because the store was suffering from staff shortages.

Cvetanovic, believed to be in his late 40s, was found unresponsive at the shop on Sunday, September 30, before being declared dead at the scene.

According to Plymouth Live, a spokesman for Avon Coroner’s Court confirmed yesterday (October 8) that the death had been registered with the court.

The spokesperson also revealed that, after a post-mortem, a pathologist had determined that Cvetanovic had died of natural causes.

Because of this, an inquest will not be held into his death.

Who Was Nebojsa Cvetanovic?

A colleague of Cvetanovic who chose to remain anonymous claimed that Cvetanovic was originally from Serbia but has lived in Plymouth with his family for several years.

He also described the man as a “gentle giant” before revealing what had happened in the lead up to his death.

He said: “He [Cvetanovic] had gone up with another employee to help them out because they had no staff. They had put them up in a hotel. He was working in the store on Saturday and they found him dead on Sunday morning.

“It’s very sad,” he added.

Cvetanovic was a father to three boys who were in their teens and early 20s.

Shortly after his death, a Betfred spokesperson issued a brief statement, saying: “Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this very sad time.”