Developer Play’n GO Releases New Reactoonz Video Slot: Gigantoonz


Leading game developer Play’n GO has released its new Gigantoonz video slot, the latest title in its Reactoonz series.

The brand new game continues the story of Dr Toonz and his Reactoonz creations, with several Reactoonz growing out of control. Unfortunately, Dr Toonz doesn’t understand why and has asked players to help him.

Gigantoonz uses an 8×8 layout with no paylines, and it has an RTP of 94.25% with high variance, which means you’re more likely to make infrequent large wins over regular small ones.

The game requires a bet of between £0.20 and £100 per spin, and the symbols include the quantum Wild, the Gargantoon Wild, as well as red, pink, green, orange, and blue Reactoonz, and shaped blue, purple, red, green and yellow Reactoonz too.

Special Features

The Gigantoonz slot comes with numerous special features, including quantum Wilds that are added on non-winning spins in quantities of five to ten. There are also Gargantoon Wild symbols that appear via the Quantumeter.

The game features Mega symbols that range in size between 2×2 and 7×7. Each Mega symbol has a random cluster value of up to 13, and when they form wins, a Mega symbol counts as a single symbol, but its cluster value is used to determine the payout of the winning cluster. Each Mega symbol also leaves a Wild symbol on the grid.

Every winning symbol counts as a charge towards the Quantumeter, but Mega symbols add their cluster value. The Quantumeter consists of four charge levels and holds up to 100 charges.

The Quantumeter has four modifiers; 25 charges for Disintegration, which removes all instances of four randomly selected symbols; 50 charges for Metamorphosis, which randomly transforms all instances of one symbol into another; 75 charges for Radiation, which adds up to four Mega symbols and up to five Quantum Wilds randomly; and 100 charges for Gargantoonz.

The Gargantoonz modifier is played out in two steps; all Mega symbols turn into one Mega Gargantoonz symbol with up to three Mega Gargantoonz symbols appearing on the reels and up to four Gargantoonz symbols. After this, the Mega Gargantoonz breaks down into a Gargantoonz symbol, which is then removed as normal from the game.

What They Say

Charlotte Millziano, the Head of Games at Play’n GO, said in a statement: “The Reactoonz are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do we have an epic narrative, but it gives us the scope to develop new ways to use Dynamic Payways to entertain players with innovative features.

“The introduction of Gigantoonz has shown that the Reactoonz are continuing to grow and there’s no sight of them stopping.”

Gigantoonz is the latest release in the Reactoonz series, following Reactoonz and its sequel Reactoonz 2. The game is also the latest to come from Play’n GO, following the launch of Love Joker, 15 Crystal Roses: A Tale Of Love, Tale Of Kyubiko, Captain Xeno’s Earth Adventure, Hooligan Hustle, and numerous other titles.