Australia’s Luckiest Man Wins Lottery Jackpot for Second Time

Australia's Luckiest Man Wins Lotto Jackpot for the Second Time

Can lightning strike in the same place twice? A man from Victoria, Australia has proved that it totally can by winning a lottery jackpot for the second time.

The anonymous man won a whopping $4.1 million in the draw on Saturday.

The Melbourne man didn’t believe his wife when she told him that he had won the division one prize after checking the lottery numbers. He thought she was just joking.

“I said to her ‘Oh right-o, sure thing love,” said the man. What he didn’t know was he was indeed a second-time lucky winner.

However, despite the newly gained fortune, the semi-retired man is not planning to quit his job. He said he loved his job and would stay working until he died.

Winning for the Second Time

The amount he won this time is a lot larger than his previous win with TattsLotto two decades ago. The man won the TattsLotto prize as part of a syndicate.

“It’s actually the second time we’ve won division one. The last time was probably about 20 years ago and we won as part of a syndicate, so we got a good amount but obviously not the amount we got this time!”

The lucky winner is determined to find “good use” for his new fortune. The first plan he has in mind is to put some of it towards helping his children and grandchildren.

It is reported that the winning ticket was purchased from The Pines Lotto & Confectionery at The Pines Shopping Centre in Doncaster East.

The division one winning tally of the Lott has so far reached 279 since the beginning of the year. 115 of them were acquired by Tatts players.