Mobile Slots

Slots are one of the most famous casino games available. It dates back to around the 19th century but continues to be played today. Although it’s changed somewhat, the game is still the same, though online versions may feature better graphics and exciting new gameplay mechanics. People love slot machines because they’re fast-paced and exciting.

They’re just as fun on mobile as at land-based casinos, the only problem is how do new players select the best mobile slots to play? Well, that’s why we’re here. At, we review the best online slots for UK players in 2018. Take a look below to find out more.

Mobile Slot Games

As we’ve mentioned, slot games are incredibly popular all over the world due to the game’s fast pace and the different ways players can win. Slots features players betting on specific paylines before spinning the wheel and watching as symbol appear over the screen. If symbols on the player’s payline create a match, the player wins money.

Mobile slot games work in the same way, though they’ve been adapted to touchscreen devices. But that’s not all; mobile casinos are regularly updated, they feature popular television and movie characters as well as some of the best graphics and sounds available.

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Online Slot Games Vs Real Slot Machines

While playing slots at real casinos can be fun, we think it’s actually better for users to play online with their smartphones or tablet devices. It’s far more convenient to play with portable devices than on desktop and PC or than real-life casinos. However, there are numerous pros and cons for both, just take a look below:

  • A wider choice of games featuring better graphics, gameplay mechanics and licensed characters
  • Can play whenever and wherever you want
  • Higher chances of winning at slots

In addition to being able to play slots wherever and whenever you want, it’s been suggested that online and mobile players have a greater chance of winning slots than those who play at land-based casinos. However, those who do choose to play online or on their mobile, will not get the ‘full’ casino experience.

  • May use up much of your mobile data
  • Mindless tapping at a screen
  • Players don't get the full casino experience

Taking a glance at the pros and cons of mobile casinos, we can safely say that playing mobile slots is well worth it. Players have a wider choice of games to play and possibly a better chance at winning too, and who doesn’t want that?

Big Slots Wins

One reason many people love slots games is due to the huge winnings players can walk home with. For example, British man Jon Heywood won a whopping £13,209,300 in 2015 after seven minutes of betting 25p spins using his iPhone. In 2013, a player on a Scandinavian casino site won €17,861,800 from a 25 cent spin. And just this year, a New Jersey woman made news headlines after winning almost $288,000 at a mobile casino during a work conference call.

This shows just how much players can win and why so many people enjoy playing slots. While huge wins like that are rare and are by no means guaranteed, they certainly can happen.

Getting Started

It’s easy to start playing mobile slot games. First, take a look at our reviewed casinos featuring slot games and select a mobile casino that suits your needs. After registering, simply select the slot game you want to play and get started. We recommend you start slowly at first or try playing for free before betting any real money.

We also recommend that you start with an easier game rather than one that features numerous reels and paylines. Complex slot games can become quite daunting for a first-time player, so it’s better to take it slowly before going all-in.

But what kind of games are available?

Mobile Slot Variations

In addition to the various themes and licensed slot games available, there are also three distinct slot game variations. This includes:

  • Three Reel Classics: This game is for anyone who wants to play traditional slots. In this version, players need to match three symbols on a single payline to win. It’s easy, fun and incredibly fast-paced.
  • Multi-Payline and Multi-Reel: This one’s self-explanatory. This variation offers between 25-30 paylines as well as multiple reels.
  • Progressive Slots: These slots games are connected across a large network. A small percentage of every player’s bet on the network is fed into a huge jackpot which one player can win with a bit of luck.

These three slot games will certainly keep players on their toes.

Online Mobile Slots Bonuses & Promotions

Mobile slot games offer numerous bonuses and promotions, but it all depends on the game users are currently playing. For example, Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II, one of the most popular slot games available right now, features numerous bonuses. The game’s bonuses offer players even greater chances of winning.

Anyone playing the game can trigger the Great Hall of Spins which unlocks extra spins. Each trigger of the Great Hall of Spins awards players with new abilities to trigger more Great Hall of Spins as well as the ability to win more money and create better combinations.

We’ve already mentioned progressive jackpot games, but players should keep an eye on them if you want to win a large sum of money. Be aware though, as progressive jackpots tend to have a lower payout than ordinary slots due to the large payout.

If players haven’t already registered with a mobile casino offering slots games, you’ll be able to snag a great welcome offer that can be used on your favourite slot games. Most mobile casino providers offer some great bonuses or promotions, so it’s worth checking them out.