Mobile Slots: How To Play Slots On Your Smartphone

Slots are among some of the most popular casino games available, thanks in part due to their simple but entertaining gameplay. If you’d like to learn more about mobile slots, including how you can play them and how they’re different to playing on desktop, continue reading our mobile slots review here.

Mobile Slot Games: The Long Journey To Playing On Smartphones

Before online and mobile casino slots were available, slot machines were found and played at land-based casinos. These machines date back to 1899, when Charles Frey invented the Liberty Bell in New York, a device that featured three spinning wheels with various symbols. Over time, these slot machines changed and became a hit in the mid to late 1900s at casinos and betting shops all over the world. Slot machines are still available today at these venues, and simply require you to pull a lever or press a button to spin its reels, although they benefit from improved gameplay and visuals.

Eventually, these traditional slot machines made their way online, and when they did, they retained their original gameplay mechanics; you press a button to make the reels spin and are awarded a win if a series of matching symbols are made. However, online slots have benefitted from improved visuals and animations, unique new themes, and groundbreaking new gameplay to change the slot’s basic mechanics, provide more entertainment, and even boost your winning chances.

Following the debut of smartphones in the late 2000s, developers turned their attention to mobiles, a process that required them to make their games touch-screen compatible. Developer NetEnt was one of the first studios to release touch-friendly casino games with its NetEnt Touch collection of games, and other developers soon followed.

Mobile slots were predominantly played in-browser using Flash technology at first, but over time mobile casinos began to release apps for their brands, giving players access to a dedicated mobile space filled with games. However, since smartphones didn’t support Flash technology, developers were required to change their development plans and create slots using HTML5, which is compatible with both mobiles and desktop computers and thus allowing everyone to play.

The Difference Between Mobile And Desktop Slots

Generally speaking, there aren’t any mechanical differences between slots on mobile and those on desktop. The mobile casino slots game will play in the same way on both devices, with no changes to the betting options, the special features, and the general mechanics, but there will be changes made to the way the game is displayed on the platforms since computers tend to have more screen space than mobiles.

For example, the mobile reels may appear more compact than on desktop, and the paytable, betting options, and even visuals may be changed or appear differently. The reason this is done is, as already mentioned, the limited screen space available on mobiles, as well as the lack of power depending on the device. In addition, most slots can hog resources to run correctly on desktop, and this may be an issue on older mobile devices, preventing them from being accessible on select devices, though smartphones are slowly becoming stronger.

Mobile Slot Variations

When it comes to playing slots, there are several variations you’ll need to know and understand. While they all generally play in the same way, there are some subtle differences in what the different mobile slots can offer you. The mobile casino slots variations include:

Video Slots

Video slots are your generic and ordinary mobile slots. They encompass a variety of themes and come in one of two forms;

  • Three-reel Slots: Slots with three reels that are heavily inspired by the classic slot machine with a single payline.
  • Multi-reel Slots: Slots with more than three reels, usually around five, although some have featured more. These slots tend to have more than one payline.

The above two types of video slots play in the same manner. The major differences between them are the number of reels displaying symbols and the number of paylines used to create winning combinations. While older slots tend to be three-reels, most modern-day mobile casino slots tend to have five reels or more with additional paylines.

Branded Slots

Branded slots have always been popular, and these games usually appear with more than three reels. Game developers sometimes partner with large media companies to release branded slots based on popular films, games, television shows, musicians, and celebrities in the hopes of appealing to different audiences.

These branded mobile slots will play like ordinary games but will have their symbols, music, and even gameplay like their special features based around the brand, perfect for fans.

Cluster Pays Slots

Cluster Pays slots are relatively new, having only sprung up in recent years. These groundbreaking new mobile casino slots scrap the traditional payline mechanic present in the majority of slots and replace it with a Cluster Pays system in which you must make clusters of identical symbols in order to make wins – the more symbols present within a cluster, the higher your winnings.

This new mechanic provided a breath of fresh air for the slot-playing community, giving fans a chance to enjoy a brand new mechanic. The games have become popular for providing higher win potential, which is perfect for anyone experienced in playing mobile video slots.

MegaWays Slots

Another new type of mobile slot are MegaWays slots, which are built on Big Time Gaming’s famous MegaWays game engine in which the number of symbols per reel and overall paylines change with each spin.

These MegaWays mobile slots tend to come with over 100,000 paylines and numerous special features too, making them incredibly exciting and entertaining to play. They’ve become so popular that Big Time Gaming now licenses the MegaWays engine out to other developers, allowing them to create their own MegaWays slots.

Other Mobile Casino Slots

There are other types of mobile slots available in addition to those we’ve listed above. These can include Infinity Reel slots in which the number of reels continually expands, PopWins slots in which a winning symbol pops and is replaced by two symbols to expand the reel, and Gigablox slots that feature oversized symbols.

All of these mobile slots are available in the United Kingdom at mobile casinos. Now, you won’t find all of the above slots at every mobile casino, but you’ll certainly spot a mixture of them to keep you entertained and on your toes.

New Mobile Slots UK

Dozens of mobile slots launch in the UK each month, and it can be somewhat difficult to keep up with all new releases. While some developers like NetEnt and Push Gaming launch slots every few months, others like Relax Gaming launch slots every month, and studios like Play’n GO, Yggdrasil, and Pragmatic Play release games on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Many mobile slots studios also partner with larger developers to launch their games, with the larger firms acting as distributors and releasing the mobile slots via their partnered mobile casino operators. This makes it almost impossible to keep up with all new mobile slots in the UK. Thankfully, we cover the launch of new games from UK-licensed developers frequently in our news section, so you can keep up to date on the latest releases.

It’s also important to note that mobile casinos in the UK will offer all new mobile slots from their partnered developers once they are available, so you can expect to play the latest games as soon as they release, and you don’t have to worry about missing anything.

Promotions & Bonuses

When people play at mobile casinos, the majority enjoy claiming promotions and bonuses. The bonuses available are provided as either bonus funds or spins that can be used on mobile slots. However, the promotions and bonuses available have strict terms and conditions, including potential restrictions on which games the bonus can be used on, and we’ve detailed all of this in our guide to mobile casino promotions.

The two main UK casino bonuses you’ll come across when playing at mobile casinos are:

  • Deposit match bonuses: Promotions where a casino matches your deposit to a specified amount
  • Bonus spins: Promotions where casinos offer you spins to use on select slots

It’s important to note that the two above promotions both require deposits for you to claim, with the minimum deposit amount stated in the promotion’s terms and conditions.

What’s more, while the funds from deposit match bonuses can be used on almost anything, bonus spins tend to be a little more restricted, including with wagering requirements, so please read through the T&Cs of the promotion before claiming it to ensure it’s compatible with a mobile slot you enjoy.

Mobile Slots No Deposit Bonuses

We’ve discussed mobile slots deposit bonuses above, but there is another type of promotion that some mobile casinos may offer you; no deposit mobile slots promotions. As hinted at by the name, these are promotions that do not require a bonus for you to claim.

One of the most popular no deposit promotions are mobile slots free spins, which are spins you usually get for registering with a mobile casino. Like bonus spins, these mobile slots no deposit bonuses come with strict terms and conditions which limit what game the no deposit mobile slots free spins can be used on, the time they are available, and any win or withdrawal limits present.

Unfortunately, most mobile casinos no longer offer these popular no deposit mobile slots free spins promotions, preferring to instead offer deposit funds. However, there are a few mobile casinos still offering these no deposit mobile slots free spins promotions, and you can read all about them in our free spins guide here.

More common than no deposit mobile slots free spins bonuses are no deposit bonuses of cash funds, where casinos give you a small amount of funds to use on games, including mobile slots. These funds can come as a bonus of £5 or as a bonus of £10 or more. Again, we’ll reiterate that you must read through the terms and conditions of all mobile slots no deposit bonuses before claiming them to ensure you know what games they’re compatible with.

How To Play Mobile Slots UK

Getting Started

Before you can start playing mobile slots UK games, the first thing you’re going to need to do is find a mobile casino offering you the games you want to play. You can find mobile casinos by searching for them yourselves, but we believe that it’s a better idea for you to scroll through our reviews of UK-licensed mobile casinos and find a site that works for you.

Once you’ve found a casino you like – make sure to analyse game selection, available promotions, accepted mobile casino payment methods, withdrawal times, and customer support – you’re going to need to register. This process is easy, as it simply requires you to provide your full name, address, date of birth, gender, and contact information.

After completing the mobile casino’s sign-up form, you’ll then be required to complete the mobile casino’s Know Your Customer KYC check, where you’ll need to provide the mobile casino with documents to verify your identity, address, and the source of your funds. Our verification guide for mobile casinos has more information on all of this.

Only once you’ve completed all of the above will you be free to begin playing at your registered mobile casino and access all of the mobile slots available.

Playing Slots

Now that you’ve verified your mobile casino account and are ready to play mobile slots. To play a video slot, you’ll need to be logged in and navigate through the mobile casino to find a mobile slot that interests you. From there, click it, and the game will launch.

After opening a slot, you’ll usually be presented with the game’s reels and several buttons running along the bottom of the screen, which allow you to change and select various elements of the mobile slot. The buttons at the bottom of the screen may change in wording or design between slots, but they usually all function in the same manner:

  • Spin: Spins the reels of the slot you’re playing
  • Paytable: Sometimes represented with an “i” symbol, opens the game’s paytable so you can learn its rules, payouts, and special features
  • Coins: Change the number of coins present per reel to adjust your bet
  • Lines: Change the number of lines you’re betting on to adjust your bet
  • Bet Max: Sometimes represented as “Max Bet”, enabling the maximum allowed bet
  • Autoplay: Enabling requires you to select a number of spins to automatically play

Before you begin playing, we suggest you adjust your bet to your preference and then hit the “Spin” button to start playing the game. We suggest you avoid using the Autoplay function, as it can be easy to lose track of how much you’ve spent.

Finally, we urge you to check the paytable before playing to analyse the value of all symbols and to understand how the game’s special features work, so you know how to play the game.

Mobile Slot Gameplay: Paylines, Symbols & Features

When it comes to playing mobile slots, there are several mechanics you’re going to need to learn first that will help you understand how mobile casino slots play.

The first is paylines, a betting line that stretches across the slot’s reels that matching symbols will need to fall on to make a win. Paylines can go in either direction but are usually left to right, and they can be straight, zig-zag, diagonal, and a mixture of all those directions. The number of paylines varies between mobile slots, with some having as few as one and others having over 100,000.

You’re also going to need to understand some of the common symbols and what they do when they land on the game’s reels. All slots will have several regular symbols that you’ll need to match to make wins, but there are other special symbols with the most common being:

  • Wild Symbols: These symbols substitute for all other regular symbols to help make more wins. In some slots, Wild symbols can multiply your winning combination too.
  • Scatter Symbols: Landing these symbols usually trigger larger payouts, and they can sometimes be used to trigger the game’s Free Spins mode.
  • Free Spins Symbols: If the Scatter symbols aren’t used, the Free Spins symbols trigger the Free Spins mode.
  • Bonus Symbols: Landing these symbols usually trigger the game’s bonus mode, if any.

Generally speaking, almost all mobile casino slots that we’ve come across have Wild and Scatter symbols, while Free Spins and Bonus symbols are somewhat less common. The symbols available within a mobile slot will depend entirely on the developer, which is why you should always check the mobile slots’ paytable.

Alongside the above, most mobile slots come with several special features designed to help you make more wins. Like always, the features available within a slot will vary, but they can include the following:

  • Multipliers: Multiplies your wins by a select amount
  • Extra Spins: Offers you additional spins, usually found in the Free Spins mode
  • Risk/Gamble: A feature that allows you to keep your wins or gamble them to win a larger amount or lose them altogether
  • Bonus Wheel: Wheels that offer a range of different features
  • Walking Symbols: Symbols that move across the reels with each spin, usually Wild symbols
  • Sticky Symbols: Symbols that remain stuck on the reels for the duration of the feature
  • Expanding Symbols: Symbols that can expand to cover entire reels
  • Pick-an-object: A bonus round in which you’ll need to pick objects to reveal cash prizes or end the feature
  • Free Spins: A bonus round in which you’ll earn a selection of spins. Some slots allow you to trigger additional spins
  • Respins/Nudge: A single respin or nudge is triggered to help you make more wins
  • Avalanche and Cascading Wins: Whenever you make a win, the winning symbols disappear and are replaced by new symbols that can form another win, repeating the process until no new symbols appear

There are plenty of other special features available in mobile slots, but we believe the features we’ve listed above are those that are the most common. All of the features offer plenty more entertainment, excitement, and winning potential.

Enjoying Your Winnings

If you were lucky enough to make some winnings while playing mobile casino slots, you’ll be able to withdraw them. This process is easy enough, as you simply have to navigate toward the cashier of the mobile casino, select the “Withdrawal” option, and then enter how much you want to withdraw.

Once you’ve done that, have checked for any imposed fees, and have confirmed the transactions, you’re going to need to wait for it to complete before it reaches your account. Some mobile casinos offer you the chance to cancel the withdrawal, but we suggest you refrain from doing so and just wait for the payout.

Should I Play In-App Or In-Browser?

As mentioned, mobile slots can be played in two ways; either through your smartphone’s web browser or through a dedicated mobile casino app. Both are great ways to play, and neither changes your overall experience as slots are displayed and played in the same way across both methods.

However, it’s important to note that not all mobile casinos offer mobile apps, so you’ll likely have to play in-browser most of the time. In most cases, you can check whether a mobile casino offers an app by scrolling down to its footer, where you should see the Apple or Android logo. Alternatively, you can read through our in-depth mobile casino reviews that detail the extent of a casino’s mobile-friendliness.

Mobile Slots UK Game Recommendations

Since there are hundreds upon hundreds of mobile casino slots available across the UK, it can be difficult working out which titles are actually worth playing and which should be left alone. Rather than providing you with a single list of mobile slots UK game recommendations, we thought we’d give you two lists; one for slot newcomers and one for experienced players.

Slot Newcomer Suggestions

If you’re new to playing mobile slots, we believe that you should stick to games that are a little more simple in their special features and gameplay mechanics. With this in mind, we think the best slots for you to play are:


Starburst Mobile Slot

Starburst is one of NetEnt’s most popular and famous mobile slots. The space-themed game uses a 5×3 layout with 10 paylines that pay in both directions, and it has a decent RTP of 96.09%. The symbols available in the slot include expanding symbols and respins, making it one of the best games to get to grips with the mechanics of mobile casino slots.

Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II Mobile Slot

Microgaming’s Norse mythology-themed mobile casino game based on figures Thor, Odin, Loki, and Valkyrie. The slot uses a 5×3 with 243 paylines, and it has a great RTP of 96.65%, with numerous special features. Its standout is the Hall of Spins, which include four unique free spins modes that you can progress through, great for someone that enjoys seeing games change as they play.

Chilli Heat

Chilli Heat Mobile Slot

The spicey Chilli Heat from Pragmatic Play is a fun take on the modern video slot. Utilising a Mexican and chilli-inspired theme, the game comes with colourful symbols, including Chihuahuas, chillies, fiery suns, and special features like a free spins mode, wild symbols, scatter symbols, respins, and more. All of this combines into a fun and fiery player experience.

Book Of Dead

Book Of Dead Mobile Slot

Book Of Dead is one of the most popular mobile slots of all time. Developed by Play’n GO, the game follows adventurer Rich Wilde as he searches for the Book of Dead in Egypt. The game is a great introduction to the feature-rich gameplay that slots offer, with Book Of Dead specialising in expanding symbols, scatter symbols, wild symbols, a free spins mode, and a risk and gamble mechanic on wins.

Eye Of Horus

Eye Of Horus Mobile Slot

Another Egyptian classic is Eye Of Horus from Reel Time Gaming, which follows another adventurer on his journey to uncover the Eye of Horus. Simpler than Book Of Dead, this popular 10-payline mobile slot comes with features like free spins, a risk and gamble your wins mechanic, wild symbols, and more. A classic that is enjoyed for its detailed Egyptian-based visuals, Eye Of Horus should not be missed.

John Hunter And The Tomb Of The Scarab Queen

John Hunter And The Tomb Of The Scarab Queen Mobile Slot

Our final Egyptian exploration mobile slot recommendation is Pragmatic Play’s John Hunter And The Tomb Of The Scarab Queen. The game is a classic thanks to its modern visuals and animations, and its special features like expanding symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, free spins, respins, and more. However, the game’s RTP sits on the lower side at 95.5%, but don’t let that put you off from playing this exciting casino game.

Fire Joker

Fire Joker Mobile Slot

If you’re after something more reminiscent of the classic land-based slot machines, Play’n GO’s Fire Joker is a great option. The game draws inspiration from the classic Joker playing card but comes with limited special features like a bonus wheel, multipliers, and reel spins. This game is popular for its similarity to classic slot machines and its simplicity, which makes it a great game for beginners.

Age Of The Gods

Age Of The Gods Mobile Slot

Playtech’s Age Of The Gods is a classic jackpot slot. Based on the Greek gods, Age Of The Gods uses a 5×3 slot with 20 paylines that pay in both directions. The game comes with several features, including wild symbols and a free spins mode, but it’s best known for its progressive jackpot that grows with all bets and can be triggered by any player for a big win.

Fat Frankies

Fat Frankies Mobile Slot

The fast food-themed Fat Frankies is a mobile slot developed by Play’n GO, which follows Frankie as he attempts to launch his own food business. The game is filled with gorgeous animations and an art style similar to that of some of the most popular animated television shows. There are numerous food-based symbols and features like sticky symbols, random symbols, stacked symbols, respins, and so much more.

Piggy Riches

Piggy Riches Mobile Slot

Our last mobile slots recommendation for newcomers is Piggy Riches by NetEnt, which follows a group of wealthy pigs. The classic slot uses a 5×3 layout with 15 paylines, and it comes with fun special features like a free spins mode, scatter symbols, and wild symbols too. A simple slot with a unique theme, Piggy Riches is well worth a try.

Experienced Player Suggestions

If you’re a more experienced mobile casino slots player, you’re most likely looking for something that has more special features, higher win potential, and improved visuals and gameplay. We believe that the mobile slots we’ve listed below are great for that and offer a decent challenge:

Eye Of Cleopatra

Eye Of Cleopatra Mobile Slots

Pragmatic Play’s Eye Of Cleopatra is a recently released video slot that is, once again, based in Egypt. The game is jam-packed with all the traditional special features and comes with an extensive free spins feature with several different modes, offering a high number of spins for you to enjoy.

Bonanza MegaWays

Bonanza Mobile Slots

Bonanza MegaWays was one of the first Big Time Gaming MegaWays mobile slots. The game utilises a mining theme, and it uses a 6×7 layout with 117,649 paylines, as well as a decent RTP of 96%. There are all the usual special features, but since the game is built with the MegaWays mechanic, the number of paylines and symbols available changes with each spin for unpredictable gameplay.

Temple Tumble MegaWays

Temple Tumble Mobile Slots

Temple Tumble MegaWays is a mobile slot from Relax Gaming that follows another adventurer in search of treasure. The game comes with all of the usual special features, as well as multipliers, respins, and the unpredictable gameplay that comes with a MegaWays slot. The high 96.25% RTP and high variance can lead to some big wins if you’re lucky enough.

The Goonies

The Goonies Mobile Slots

The Goonies is an online slot by Blueprint Gaming that is based on the popular 80s movie of the same name. The game’s symbols are all based on characters from the film, and the mobile slot comes with numerous bonus games and features, offering random wild symbols, colossal reels, wild reels, guaranteed wins, multipliers, various free spins modes, and so much more to keep you busy.

Star Clusters MegaClusters

Star Clusters Mobile Slots

Star Clusters is another mobile slot from Big Time Gaming, but this time is based on the new MegaClusters mechanic. The game uses a 4×4 reel with an RTP of 96.54%, and it uses the Cluster mechanic in which you must make clusters of matching symbols. Under the new MegaClusters mechanic, winning symbols split into smaller versions and trigger cascading reactions for big-win potential.


Narcos Mobile Slots

Narcos is a branded mobile slot from NetEnt that is based on the television show of the same name. The slot, although basic in design, comes with several special features, including random rewards, a free spins mode, wild symbols, sticky symbols, upgradeable symbols, scatter symbols, multipliers, and so much more. It also has a decent 96.23% RTP and 243 paylines.

7 Elements

7 Elements Mobile Slots

7 Elements is a groundbreaking new slot from 4ThePlayer which changes in real-time. The game has a 95% RTP, and it uses a 6×4 layout with all the usual special features, but it also comes with various modifiers and superhero powers that are unlocked as you continue to play. The modifiers, known as Future Powers, change over time, so there’s always a reason to come back and play the game.

Snakes & Ladders MegaDice

Snakes & Ladders MegaDice Mobile Slots

Snakes & Ladders MegaDice is a slot from Pragmatic Play that is based on the original Snakes And Ladders board game. The slot uses a 5×3 layout with 10 paylines, and it incorporates all of the usual special features too. The Board Bonus, the slot’s main feature, is played on an expanded 12×12 grid, which you’ll need to move around to win money or multipliers. On your journey, ladders help you advance the board, snakes take you back down the board, and there are other modifiers that help too.

Rise Of The Valkyrie Splitz

Rise Of The Valkyrie Mobile Slots

Boomerang Studios’ Rise Of The Valkyrie Splitz is another mobile slot we’d happily suggest to regular slot players. The Norse-themed slot uses a 5×3 layout with 243 paylines, and it has a high RTP of 96.51% with special features like respins, bonus symbols, a cash collector game, splitting symbols, wild symbols, mystery symbols, and so much more. All of these mechanics will keep you busy.

Holmes And The Stolen Stones

Holmes And The Stolen Stones Mobile Slots

Holmes And The Stolen Stones is a mobile slot from Yggdrasil that is based on the popular detective Sherlock Holmes. The game uses a 5×3 layout with 20 paylines, and it comes with several special features, including a pick-an-object mode, symbol collections, and a progressive jackpot, which offers you the chance to win big.

All of the mobile slots we’ve suggested above are available in the UK and provided by UK-licensed developers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, Blueprint Gaming, and more.

Important Mobile Slots Terminology

Payout: A payout is the amount of money or credits you receive after landing a winning combination.

RNG: A term that stands for Random Number Generator, which is the system responsible for the game. Each outcome of a slot spin is based on a random number provided by the RNG.

RTP: A term that stands for Return To Player, a rate that showcases the payout percentage of a slot. The higher the value, the better chance you have of landing wins.

Reels: The rotating wheels that spin whenever you hit the “Spin” button in slots. Reels display all symbols within a slot.

Wild: Wild symbols substitute for other symbols when they land on the reels, although this usually only applies to regular symbols, not Scatter symbols.

Scatters: Special symbols that award either a cash prize or triggers the Free Spins mode.

Paylines: The lines set across the slot’s reels you’ll need to land symbols on to make wins.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to mobile slots games, how do they work?

We briefly mentioned how to play mobile slots games above, but you simply need to register with a mobile casino, verify your account, and then load up the mobile slots game you want to play and hit the “Spin” button. That’s it!

How can I find casinos with mobile slots games?

One of the easiest ways to find a casino with mobile slots is by reading through our in-depth reviews. The casinos we suggest are all safe for you to play at and are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

What's a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot features a large jackpot that builds up over time. One player will eventually win the large sum, so it’s worth keeping an eye open for any available progressive slots games. However, we suggest you don’t only play progressive slots as the payout is somewhat lower, meaning you’ll be less likely to win.

Are mobile casinos safe and trustworthy?

Of course! Mobile casinos are completely safe because they’re regulated by bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission and companies such as eCOGRA, which test whether the game offered is fair. And we at only recommend the safest and most trustworthy casinos available.