The Big Jackpot

The Big Jackpot is a Youtube channel by Scott Richter, a high roller from Colorado. He’s the owner of several nightclubs today, but back in early 2000, Scott Richter was famously known as the “King of Spam” and ultimately sentenced to pay $6 million in legal fees and damages to MySpace and $7 million to Microsoft, money that he most likely has won back by now playing jackpot slots online and in Las Vegas.

Scott Richter vs. MySpace and Microsoft

If you ever had a MySpace or Hotmail account, there is a high chance that you crossed paths, involuntarily, with Scott Richter. In August 2006, when MySpace was already in decline due to immense pressure from an up-and-coming social network, Facebook, Scott Richter sent unsolicited emails to thousands of MySpace users. With his company Media Breakaway, Richter collected got hands on email addresses and promoted his website,, by sending spam messages pretending to come from actual friends on MySpace.

The social network with its headquarter in San Francisco sued Scott Richter under California’s Can-Spam Act, which would have fined Media Breakaway with $100 for each email sent. The damages would have been in the hundreds of millions, but MySpace and Richter agreed to settle at $6 million.

If you think people learn from mistakes, you’re mistaken. The lawsuit with a major tech company wasn’t Richter’s first mistep. Only one year earlier in 2005, his company had to declare bankruptcy after having to pay Microsoft $7 in damages for spamming users of Hotmail accounts.

King of Spam — it all makes sense now!

Reinvention as Jackpot Slot High Roller

Two lawsuits and $13 million lighter, Scott Richter, must have thought its time to reinvent himself and boy he did.

On this Youtube channel, Richter regained popularity as a ‘High Roller’, someone who places large bets on casino games. It starts at $50 and goes all the way up to $1000 per spin at slot machines in Las Vegas. At the Cosmopolitan Casino, Scott Richter won $100,000 for placing a $1000 bet on the famous slot ‘Top Dollar’ by IGT.

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Besides hitting the casinos across the United States and sometimes online, Scott Richter also boards large cruise ships that have their own casino. As long as there is WiFi available, he sometimes even live streams while cruising across the oceans.

Scott Richter doesn’t play a large variety of slot games mainly because there aren’t many slots that offer the type of high roller bets he likes to place on single spins. He’s a big fan of “Black Widow”, and he can spend over half an hour or so playing the same slot machine. Check out one of Scott’s Youtube videos above.

“The Big Jackpot” is undoubtedly one of the most exciting casino channels on Youtube and well worth a subscription. As of today, Scott Richter has over 170K people following him and his high roller life.

Brian Christopher and Vegaslowroller

Brian Christopher is another Youtube channel with a focus on slot games. He comes across as a nice guy and over 100K follow him and his casino adventures. Unlike Scott Richter, Brian doesn’t place high roller bets on his spins, but as a result, he has a much greater choice of slots to play. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how much money you place on each spin because think about it; winning $3000 from a $3 is a pretty high multiplier!

Brian Christopher Youtube

There’s a good chance that Brian is also the inventor of Group Pulls, which are regularly hosted in Vegas and elsewhere. Scott Richter also organises them. Group Pulls give players the opportunity to join forces with other players and together increase budget and bets while playing slot games. If 20 people create a pool at $200 pay-in each, the group can play with a $4000 total budget and place higher bets on each spin than they would usually do by themselves.

Group Pulls place up to $75 on each spin, but it’s usually not much higher than that. If the group wins, the machine payout is evenly divided across all members of the pool. If they lose, well, at least you lose altogether. It’s fun!

Last but not least, you should also check out Vegaslowroller, the inventor of slot game videos on Youtube. Vegaslowroller was one of the first channels that posted a summary of his gaming session in videos 2-3 times a week. His videos are about 10-15 minutes long and show everything from free spin rounds to bonus games. He usually cuts out the rounds where nothing happens which is nice as it makes the video much more exciting and you only see the rounds where he hits some nice bonuses.

Vegaslowroller also adds comments on everything that happens on the screen in his own unique way. It’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s enjoyable and lets you be part of the whole experience. He built a vast follower base over the years and is the organiser of “Slotcon”, a meet-up for casino enthusiasts like us in Las Vegas. At Slotcon, players from all over the world mingle and do some cool stuff together such as visiting the factory of a slot manufacturer or doing a Group Pull together.