Wazdan Announces Nine Brand New Casino Games For Release This Year


Wazdan has announced an incredible line-up of nine new casino games set to release this year.

The game provider appeared at the ICE London 2020 event last week where it unveiled nine new video slots to visitors. In a post on the Wazdan website, the game provider has officially announced the new games and given short previews.

Over the next few months, Wazdan will be releasing games Black Horse Deluxe, Sonic Reels, Reel Hero, Lucky 9, Telly Reels, Power Of Gods: Egypt, Choco Reels, 9 Tigers, and Sic Bo Dragons. All of the games were unveiled at the ICE London 2020 event and, according to Wazdan, “had crowds in awe and left attendees itching for their official launch dates.”

Black Horse Deluxe is a classic slot based on a Wild West theme that takes inspiration from cowboys and gunslingers. It features jaw-dropping graphics and a fun soundtrack, as well as a chance to make big winning combinations in the Black Horse Spins bonus.

Sonic Reels harks back to the old fruit machine slots. Although Wazdan’s Sonic Reels is inspired by the old machines and features fruit symbols, it offers a refreshing take on the classic game with dynamic music as well as a Left Speaker Bonus and Right Speaker Bonus.

Reel Hero is a futuristic video slot set in outer space which follows four superheroes as they fight otherworldly creatures. The game will reportedly feature mystifying graphics as well as a fun soundtrack and a chance to trigger wild symbols, scatter symbols, and a free spins mode.

Lucky 9 is another retro game from Wazdan that is inspired by the old fruit slot machines. The game will feature traditional fruit symbols but will include modern-day slot gameplay features.

Telly Reels is inspired by the retro TV and will include dozens of special features to help players make winning combinations. This includes wild symbols, scatter symbols, three big bonuses, and a chance for players to spin the Wheel of Fortune!

Power Of Gods: Egypt is the second slot in Wazdan’s Power Of Gods series. The game whisks players away to ancient Egypt where riches, treasure and winning combinations await them. The game builds on the previous slot with additional gameplay but retains the impressive graphics and soundtrack from the original slot.

Choco Reels is a unique chocolate-themed online slot from Wazdan. It focuses on a little monster that can devour chocolate blocks to increase the number of paylines and help players make more wins. Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

9 Tigers is a slot which sees the forces of fire and water collide and bring harmony to the world. The game, which will reportedly include awe-inspiring graphics and a fun soundtrack, will include a special Tiger Bonus feature to make big wins.

Wazdan’s final game for this year (So far) is Sic Bo Dragons, a dice game based on a compelling theme of two lucky dragons. Not much else has been said about the game, but we’re already interested!

When Will They Release

Wazdan, which recently launched in Hungary, hasn’t yet announced any official dates for the games but states that they will be launching within the coming months across 2020.

In a statement, Wazdan’s Head of Sales Andrzej Hyla said: “Wazdan has an incredible time at ICE London, where we were thrilled with the excitement amongst the crowd after previewing our nine new game titles.

“Each is entirely unique, all rich in entertainment, features, and quality. We are extremely proud of the work the team has done to prepare the games for the event, and we look forward to getting them on the market through our partners very soon.”

We expect Wazdan to release more information on the upcoming slots as they approach their release date, so keep checking back for more information!