Student Gamblers Face Debts of Thousands of Pounds, New Report Finds

Gambling Addiction

The National Union of Students (NUS) has launched a new campaign to tackle the problem of student gamblers.

New research suggests that as many as 1.2 million students gamble and two-thirds of respondents claim to have done so in the last month.

The NUS’ campaign hopes to promote responsible gambling among young people and warn them about addiction and the danger of getting into gambling debt.

It’s thought that many students gamble online using their smartphones, tablet devices and laptops. However, the Gambling Commission has claimed only a small minority end up getting into debt.

Neil McArthur, Chief Executive at the UK Gambling Commission, said in a statement: “If people chose to gamble and they can do so safely, that isn’t isn’t a cause for concern for us.

“What is a cause for concern is those examples of people who get into gambling and then find that it is no longer fun, that it becomes addictive, that it can interfere with their finances and their personal lives.”

Speaking about the news, Eva Crossan Jory, the Vice President of Welfare at the NUS, said: “There’s definitely been cases where students have been tens of thousands of pounds in debt and that’s stopped them coming to lectures and that might have even stopped them attending uni anymore and dropping out.”

Responsible Gambling

The online gambling industry has praised the NUS’ latest campaign for spreading awareness for responsible and healthy gambling.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the Remote Gambling Association, said: “We would urge anyone who gambles, including students, to be mindful of the risks involved and to be aware of the information and tools that are available to help them manage their gambling activity to ensure it is conducted safely and responsibly.”

If you believe you or someone else may be suffering from problem gambling, you can visit our responsible gambling page for help and support.