MGM Resorts Strikes Deal with the Alliance of American Football League

MGM Strikes Deal with New American Football League

MGM Resorts International has partnered with the upstart Alliance of American Football league (AAF), set to launch in 2019, to provide a unique gambling experience.

The new professional football league announced the development of a product that would allow every game to be streamed for free. They have not made clear whether the new product would be a stand-alone app or part of another product.

The AAF’s Gaming Product

The AAF revealed in the announcement with MGM that the casino giant would be granted exclusive rights to offer sports betting on their games as well as access to data.

In order to obtain the most detailed stats, the AAF plans to track movements of players with devices that they will be wearing. The extra stats will enable MGM to offer unique bets.

It is also reported that the league is planning to integrate betting and streaming into the same screen. This means gamblers will be able to watch and place bets simultaneously. All betting events will be hosted on MGM’s own app.

The AAF is the first football league in America that offers exclusive in-game betting rights to a gambling company. MGM does have a partnership with NBA but the deal is only in sponsorship designation.

The AAF will also be launching their own app, offering a fantasy football product to suit the demand of players of all ages.

The Alliance of American Football

The Alliance of American Football is a professional football league set to launch in February 2019. Currently featuring eight teams playing in different college stadiums across the US, the AAF aims to offer football fans a 12-week season after the NFL season is over.

The league will strive to avoid issues that the NFL has run across, including long commercial breaks, kickoff dangers and problems related to head injuries.

The eight teams have got a few former big name coaches on board in order to generate interest for the AAF. On the list are NCAA national champion coaches Steve Spurrier (UF), Dennis Erickson (Miami) and Mike Martz, renowned for being the offensive coordinator of The Greatest Show on Turf.