Gambling Commission’s New Rules for Operators Come into Effect Today


UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission’s new rules for gambling operators come into effect today, October 31.

As previously reported, the Commission’s new rules, part of a new crackdown on the gambling industry, apply to the organisation’s License conditions and codes of practice to make sure that consumers are well protected.

The new rules ensure that customers receive fair treatment from all gambling operators and are protected from misleading promotions or irresponsible gambling advertisements. Operators must also state the terms and conditions in full and “no further than one click away”.

In addition, gambling operators are required to improve the process of customers’ complaints. Meanwhile, operators are banned from sending “spam” emails or messages as part of advertising campaigns without consent. When a consumer is contacted, they must be given an opportunity to withdraw their consent.

The new rules also state that operators are responsible for the actions of their third-party affiliates. If an operator’s third-party is found to be breaching any of the new rules, the operator must terminate their contract immediately.

Lastly, the changes make it easier for regulators to take action against gambling operators who fail to comply with advertising rules, giving them the power to impose monetary penalties where necessary.

Gambling Advertisements

The changes are part of a crackdown on the gambling industry which the UK Gambling Commission hopes will prevent gambling addictions and gambling-related harm.

The new rules come into effect just as the Church of England, the owner of Coral and Ladbrokes and the Labour Party announced their support for a ban on gambling advertisements during live sports events and before the watershed period.

They also follow a recent NHS report that revealed a 50% rise in the number of problem gamblers being hospitalised for their condition.

According to the report, around 100 people were admitted to hospital due to their gambling addiction which was so severe it needed professional treatment.