GambleAware Announces Plans to Fund Problem Gambling Software Gamban


GambleAware has announced plans to fund Gamban, online software that helps treat problem gambling, following approval from an independent review.

Researchers Winning Moves conducted a review into the software, considering the technical and therapeutic benefits of the program. The researchers compared three specialist gambling solutions alongside three general products.

Among them, Gamban was found to be the most effective at blocking licensed and illegal gambling sites. However, Winning Moves found that the cost of the software would be a problem for many people.

Gaming charity GambleAware has agreed to fun the software, making it available to clients in need of problem gambling treatment.

GambleAware hopes that by reducing the cost of the service they can encourage people at risk of developing addictions to use the service if needed.

According to reports, people who call the National Hambling Helping and are referred for treatment from GamCare, the National Problem Gambling Clinic or the Gordon Moody Association will be given the software for free.

Helping People At Risk

Marc Etches, the Chief Executive of GambleAware, said in a statement: “Blocking software can be an effective tool to help those at risk of getting into difficulties resist the ubiquitous gambling adverts and special offers that surround us these days.

“This report reinforces the point that such tools work best as part of a treatment package tailored to the individual rather than being effective in isolation. This evaluation gives us the confidence we needed to fund the use of this software for anyone who is referred to our treatment services.”

Karl King, the Associate Director of Winning Moves, said: “Based on the results of systematic testing, blocking software appears to be generally effective in restricting access to online gambling. One gambling-specific package was found to block access to online gambling.

“One gambling-specific package was found to block access to 99% of active gambling websites associated with UK Gambling Commission licenses.”

He continued: “When gamblers experiencing gambling-related harm are not aware of blocking software, it can come as a welcome surprise, particularly to those feeling that they had exhausted all other potential self-treatment methods available to them. Blocking software was felt to work best as part of a treatment package tailored to the individual rather than being effective in isolation.”

If you believe you or someone you know may be suffering from a gambling problem or addiction, visit our help and support page for advice and more.