Euromillions Winners Who Won £58m Still Use Vouchers and Play Lottery

Euro Millions Tickets

A couple from Dundee, Scotland scooped a whopping £58 million EuroMillions jackpot this summer. Instead of splashing all the cash, they continue to use shopping vouchers, loyalty points cards and insist on finding a bargain.

Fred and Lesley Higgins did spend £430,000 on a penthouse overlooking the River Tay, bought a brand new Audi A5 and BMW after becoming multi-millionaires. However, they decided to keep their old Volvo and have only travelled abroad once for a family wedding.

“The penthouse was an impulsive buy. Next time there will be more planning. We still like a bargain. We don’t throw money away just because we’ve got it.” said Mrs Higgins.

The 57-year-old woman revealed that she was used to buy everything in sale and would stalk items she wanted in shops until they came down in price. She said her mindset was not going to at her age.

“I still use vouchers and put my loyalty card over in Tesco. I don’t know why. I think ‘Why am I still doing that?’ It’s dreadful.”

Meanwhile, former car salesman Mr Higgins still plays the lottery after getting his hands on the life-changing sum.

“Can you imagine how people would react if I won again?” he said.

“The week after we got the £58million I won another £25 from a ticket I’d bought before. Lesley tells me not to buy any more. Lightning never strikes twice.”

The pair nearly lost the jackpot when a shop assistant tore their winning ticket in two after checking their numbers. Finally, after an anxious wait, the Camelot security team went through the CCTV recordings of the shop and awarded the couple their £58 million.

Fred and Lesley Higgins were the second biggest lottery winners in Scotland. The record-holders are Colin and Christine Weir from Largs, Ayrshire, who won £161.6 million back in 2011.