Bookies Predict Top Gear Will Be Cancelled By 2020 Under New Hosts

Top Gear

Irish bookmaker Paddy Power believes that popular BBC One show Top Gear will be cancelled by 2020 after an announcement revealing the show’s new hosts.

Fans of the show were surprised this morning (October 22) when former English cricketer Andrew ‘Freddie’ Flintoff and comedian and Take Me Out host Paddy McGuinness were announced as the new presenters for the show, joining motoring journalist and race driver Chris Harris.

While the decision has left many fans divided on social media, Paddy Power believes the show is “gearing up for failure” with the new presenters.

Paddy Power’s Predictions

Paddy Power’s predictions include 10/1 that the show will be cancelled by 2020, 14/1 that Flintoff and McGuinness’ season will be the last of the show and 5/1 that one of the new hosts will be replaced after one season.

A Paddy Power spokesperson told Yahoo News: “It seems Paddy could truly be on the Road to Nowhere as he takes up a new role on Top Gear. Both he and Freddie Flintoff have been brought in to resurrect the show, but we think the curtains could be closing fast.

“So much so, that the odds of the show being cancelled altogether are shortening, but it’s more likely that one of the pair will ‘do a Chris Evans’ and only last a series.”

Flintoff and McGuinness are expected to make their debut as Top Gear hosts in early 2019.