Betting Firms Face Investigation Over 2018 World Cup TV Adverts

World Cup

Several betting firms are currently being investigated over advertisements aired during the 2018 World Cup following accusations that the advertisements targeted vulnerable viewers such as children.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is investigating the issue after receiving over 100 TV gambling advert complaints throughout the sporting event compared to the 27 complaints they received a month earlier.

Now, betting firms have been accused of using psychological tricks in advertisements to manipulate customers into placing bets quickly and targeting vulnerable viewers.

According to reports, firms may also have broken rules for trivialising gambling or for giving an irresponsible perception of the risks that entail gambling.

Under ASA rules, gambling advertisements cannot appear on dedicated children’s channels or air around programmes aimed at young viewers. However, the rules fail to extend to football matches and other sporting events despite attracting large child audiences.

The Advertising Standards Authority Speaks Out

Speaking to the Daily Mail, an ASA spokesperson said: “The gambling advertising rules already place an emphasis on protecting young and vulnerable people from potential harm.

“Our new guidance introduced earlier this year restricts gambling ads that create an inappropriate sense of urgency, clamps down on ads that encourage repetitive play and provide more detail on vulnerable groups like problem gamblers that marketers need to work to protect.”

They added: “We’re currently assessing several ads that appeared during the World Cup to establish if any further action needs to be taken.”

The Remote Gambling Association, which speaks for online betting firms, has revealed it supports the ASA’s new guidelines on television gambling adverts.