Bath Casino Now Members Only Despite Launching With Open Door Policy

Bath Casino

A casino located in Bath, the UK, has become members only despite launching with an ‘open door’ policy.

The Century Casino in Saw Close opened just two months ago with an ‘open door’ policy, allowing anyone to enter. However, the casino now requires visitors to sign up and become a member.

Back in May 25, online news site Bath Live visited the casino for a behind-the-scenes tour just hours before it first opened. The tour was broadcast live on the brand Facebook page and watched over 9,000 times.

The Facebook Live Broadcast Confirmed The Casino’s Entry Policy

It was during the Facebook Live broadcast where they were informed that membership wouldn’t be required for visitors to enter. Kartini Sutoto, the Business Development Manager for the casino, told the news outlet that everyone would be welcome, insisting that visitors didn’t have to become members.

After stressing the benefits of their membership scheme, which included free drinks under certain circumstances, Sutoto was asked questions by the public which included asking her to clarify the casino’s entry policy.

She answered: “It’s completely free entry. We have an open door policy. The only thing we will ask people to do is show their ID to make sure they are of age to enter.”

Now, however, visitors are required to register with the casino’s membership scheme, providing information such as an email address, phone number and home address.

When asked by Bath Live whether they had changed their entry policy, a Century Casino spokesperson said: “We are just looking at various options currently in terms of membership, one of which is to make it a membership only casino.

“We will, of course, be communicating with our customers along the way.”

According to Somerset Live, a number of the casino’s potential customers decided not to visit the establishment after discovering its new entry policy.