Advertising Standards Authority Clears 32Red and LeoVegas Complaints


The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has cleared two complaints against LeoVegas and 32Red regarding gambling advertisements.

A television advert for the Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway online slot, which is available exclusively on 32Red, was questioned by an individual.

According to reports, the person challenged whether the ad was irresponsible as it was linked to the ITV show of the same name and, because of this, appealed to minors.

32Red responded to the accusation by stating that Saturday Night Takeaway has a wide audience profile. The firm also pointed to the ages of Ant and Dec as evidence that “they were not associated with, and did not reflect, youth culture”.

Clearcast, a non-governmental organisation that pre-approves most British television advertising, agreed with 32Red. After considering the evidence, the ASA cleared 32Red of the complaint and deemed no further action was necessary.

LeoVegas’ Complaint

Meanwhile, online casino LeoVegas faced similar problems after their ad, which featured a man in a tuxedo playing blackjack while a heartbeat sounded over the voiceover, was accused of portraying gambling “in a context of toughness”.

Responding to the complaint, LeoVegas insisted that the ad was “produced to address the concerns raised in a previous upheld ruling on the same issue”.

LeoVegas also stressed that the ad didn’t indicate any physical actions or attributes that indicated mental or physical toughness. They claimed that the tuxedo was compulsory at some high-end casinos and that parts of the voiceover referenced that the player was experiencing levels of excitement while playing the game.

Much like 32Red, the ASA examined all evidence and cleared the online casino site of the complaint.