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The Ritz Club London

Known across the world for its exceptional flamboyance, The Ritz Club is one of the most opulent and unique private member’s clubs to be found. Hop on one of their luxury limousines and your extravagant experience as a guest of The Ritz Club will begin. You will be assured of the most exclusive membership, the most attentive reception, the finest food and drink, the highest levels of lavishness and most importantly, the most intriguing gaming experience.

The Ritz Club Casino

Ritz Club Lounge

The classy casino of The Ritz Club will not fail to impress you with its exquisite interiors, superb selection of games and world-class hospitality. Housed in the former ballroom of the Ritz hotel, entering the main gaming room means you will find yourself under the sumptuous ceiling of one of London’s most glamorous rooms. The magnificent ambience complements perfectly with the casino’s contemporary approach to gaming. All guests staying at The Ritz London are welcome to have a go at the impressive variety of casino games, which are available to play 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether you feel like spinning the Roulette wheel or showing off your expertise in Blackjack, Punto Banco or Three Card Poker, the main gaming salon is guaranteed to keep you satisfied.

Salles privées or private gaming rooms, namely The Carmen, The Amber and The Aida Lounge, are available for customers engaging in high-stakes play who are looking for more privacy.

Inside the casino, customers are more than welcome to talk to dealers and other staff members, but no one working at the casino is allowed to include betting topics in their conversations.

The Ritz Club Casino oozes elegance and has been the subject of some of the most jaw-dropping gambling stories. In March 1987, legendary Australian tycoon Kerry Packer reportedly lost £8 million playing Blackjack in the salles privées and the story contributed to the fame of The Ritz Club. Playing two tables simultaneously and shifting from one to the other to place his bets, Packer was playing all seven hands at each table and staking £10,000 pounds per hand. The tycoon repeatedly signed the casino’s house cheques for more chips at £200,000 a time when he lost the game. He eventually got tired of signing and gave the house a cheque for £1 million.

The Amber Room was once a film shoot location of a Bond movie featuring Sir Roger Moore. The noise of the underground could be heard inside the room as the trains passed by, forcing the director to shout “cut” 11 times. While the director was frustrated, everybody else was amused. The scene finally had to be relocated to The Ritz Club Bar.

Spread between the splendid principal gaming salon and the discreet salles privées is The Ritz Club’s thoughtful personalised service that manifests the essence of fine gaming. It completes the unforgettable gaming experience at The Ritz Club Casino.

The Ritz Club Online Casino

Exclusively built for members, The Ritz Club’s online casino is an extension of the Club’s overall offering. Gaming-on-the-go is also possible with The Ritz Club’s new online products: they enable members to experience their favourite casino games, including Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud Poker and a wide range of online slots, anytime and anywhere on desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet devices.

Ritz club Casino

Prefer gambling in the comfort of your home but still want to be exposed to the edge-of-your-seat atmosphere of the gaming floor? The “Ritz London Roulette” will serve the purpose. Streamed live directly from a roulette table inside The Ritz Club’s principle gaming room, online players can bet on the same table the same way as from within the Club. With the same dealers, same wheel, same table and same ball, it is time for online players to prepare themselves for a tremendously immersive gaming experience. Head over to our Live Casino guide if you want to learn more about real dealer games.

To guarantee a seamless experience, The Ritz Club allows members to put money into their Ritz Club Online account at The Ritz Club Cashdesk or by using their debit cards via the online cashier.

Restaurant & Bars

The award-winning restaurant of The Ritz Club is unsurprisingly steeped in luxury, just like the Club itself. Walk through the deluxe multi-coloured velvet curtains and you will be inside the intimate dining venue that is renowned worldwide for its outstanding service and brilliant international cuisines. The menu carries a relaxed brasserie style and all dishes are cooked with premium ingredients sourced from independent artisan suppliers. Authentic, mouth-watering European, Indian and Lebanese dishes of impeccable quality are served morning, noon and night. The Ritz Club Restaurant’s signature all-day dim sum menu is fabulous – you will not be disappointed with their fluffy pork char siu buns.

The Ritz Club Bar is known for its world-class service, seductive atmosphere and smouldering intimacy. You have definitely come to the right place if you are after an incomparable collection of fine champagnes, discerning whiskeys and exotic cocktails.

Cigar Shop, Tasting Room & Smoking Terrace

Looking for a five-star cigar experience? The Ritz Club’s luxurious Cigar Shop, Tasting Room and Smoking Terrace are tailored made for the most seasoned cigar aficionados like yourself. Situated within the Hotel’s Garden Pavillion, it offers a supreme selection of cigars and is specially designed for members to unwind in between gaming and indulge in the pure enjoyment of their favourite pastime. Members will receive an incredible floor-to-ceiling specially commissioned humidor filled with vintage Cuban and New World cigars upon their arrival. The rich crimson walls, original artworks and classic British furnishing finish off what is possibly the finest Cigar Shop in England.

The Cigar Shop and Tasting Room are open to The Ritz Club members and Ritz Hotel guests from 2 pm to 3 am every day. Only cigar smokers are allowed. The Smoking Terrace is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Ritz Club – Contact Information

Address: 150 Piccadilly, St. James’s, London, W1J 9BS
Phone: 020 7499 1818

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