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Maximum Game Payouts

Most online casino games have a maximum game payout that restricts you from winning over a certain amount. While maximum game payouts can be seen in both a positive and negative light, they’re crucial when it comes to online gambling, both at brick-and-mortar casinos and online.

What Are They?

We’ve already mentioned what maximum game payouts are, limitations on the maximum amount of money you can win from slot and table games. These maximum game payouts are generally imposed by the online casino as a way of protecting them as these limits make it easier for online casinos to dictate how much they’re going to pay customers. It also allows them to control the turnouts for each game, particularly if the game has several special features or jackpots which can help players win big.

For example, some slots offer free spins features which allow players to re-trigger the free spins endlessly. Although it’s unlikely to happen, this could, in theory, allow a player to continue playing over and over again, racking up wins in the progress and forcing the casino to pay out a huge sum of money that could hurt them financially. While they may seem bad at first glance, these maximum game payouts stop this from happening.

It’s important to understand that maximum game payouts vary depending on the game and they’re linked to your bet size, which means the maximum payout can only be achieved while playing with the maximum bet allowed.

Finding Maximum Game Payouts

It’s good to know what your casino’s maximum game payouts are before you start playing. This means you can keep track of your winnings as you play and can stop before you exceed the limit, though this is unlikely to happen. Unfortunately, it can actually be incredibly hard to find maximum game payouts as most online casinos hide them or don’t publish them at all.

However, there are a few online casinos that do publish their maximum game payouts and MoPlay, an online casino and sports betting site owned by Addison Global Limited, is one of them.

MoPlay Casino And Sports Betting


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MoPlay is an online casino that launched in 2018. The site primarily offers sports betting website but also provides users with a great selection of casino games.

MoPlay’s Maximum Game Payouts

MoPlay is one of the few online casinos to actually publish its maximum game payouts and even better, you can access the simply by scrolling down to the website’s footer and clicking ‘Max Game Payouts’. Once you click that, you’ll be taken to a new page listing the maximum payouts for all of MoPlay’s games, including slots and traditional casino games.

Looking through the list, you’ll be able to see which slots and instant-games at MoPlay offer you a chance to make the most money, and you’ll also be able to see which classic table games offer you a similar chance. It’s great for people looking to make more winnings, but it’s important to remember that while a game has a high maximum payout, you’re not guaranteed to win more!

MoPlay’s Highest Paying Slots

Troll Hunters

Troll Hunters

Max Payout: £2,057,805

Troll Hunters is an online slot developed by Play’n GO which uses a 5×5 layout. Based out in a snowy wilderness, you’re tasked with assisting a group of troll hunters… hunt trolls. Along the way, you can trigger and re-trigger bonus spins features for larger winnings!

Aztec Idols

Aztec Idols

Max Payout: £1,704,400

Aztec Idols is an online slot developed by Play’n GO which follows adventurer Rich Wilde as he explores Aztec tombs in search of large slot winnings. As you follow Rich Wilde on his adventure, you’ll be able to trigger free spins features and several other unique bonuses to help you land bigger winnings.

Tiger's Glory

Tiger’s Glory

Max Payout: £1,383,000

Tiger’s Glory is an online slot developed by Quickspin which uses a 6×4 layout and is based on the Roman Colosseum where gladiators battle to help you make wins. You can trigger the Free Spins feature and claim up to 20 free spins, allowing you to make big wins!

MoPlay’s Highest Paying Table Games

Casino Stud Poker

Casino Stud Poker

Max Payout: £10,000

Casino Stud Poker is an online table game developed by Play’n GO in which you’re tasked with trying to make a better card hand than the dealer by using five cards. A quick, fast-paced game that has become a fan-favourite as it offers a chance to win big!

Super Wheel

Super Wheel

Max Payout: £4,700

Super Wheel is an online table game developed by Play’n GO in which you’re asked to bet on where you think the wheel will stop. You can wager on one spot, two or even three along with betting on to try to increase your chances of winning. You can even bet on one of two illustrated symbols to make big wins!

European Roulette

European Roulette

Max Payout: £3,500

European Roulette is an online table game developed by Red Tiger Gaming, Gluck, NetEnt and iSoftBet. You’re required to wager on where you believe the roulette ball will land after being spun. You can choose from numbers, colours and many more options.

Payouts: Slots Vs Table Games

You might have realised either by looking at the above tables or through MoPlay’s maximum game payouts that slots have a much higher payout limit than table games. In fact, the difference between the two games is actually huge. But why is that?

Well, it’s because slot games generally have more risk involved. Casino table games tend to have a higher return to player (RTP) rate than slots because they don’t require any skill, you simply have to spin the reels to win. However, table games require you to understand the rules and mechanics of each game in order to know how to play and, sometimes, apply a strategy to help you win.

So while online slots and instant-win games have higher maximum payouts and allow you to make bigger wins, you’re more likely to lose your money quickly by playing these games. Online table games work differently due to the limitations regarding bets, but this means your money is less likely to vanish. Ultimately, what you prefer is completely up to you, just remember that slots are much riskier to play.

Game Providers And Max Winnings

In addition to MoPlay publishing the maximum win payouts for each of its games, you’ll find that online game developers may also publish the max win you can make on a game. For example, Play’n GO, a game provider who developed popular games such as Golden Colts and Banana Rock, publishes the maximum win for each of its games on its website. This allows fans to find out what the maximum win of one of their games may be, even if an online casino doesn’t publish the limit themselves.

However, we did notice some discrepancies between the maximum win listed on MoPlay’s website and the limit listed on Play’n GO’s website. For example, the maximum win for Casino Stud Poker is listed as £20,200 on Play’n GO’s website but MoPlay lists a maximum pay limit of just £10,000, suggesting that casino operators can change the maximum game payouts themselves.