Japanese Manga and Anime Gambling Characters

Gambling may be illegal in Japan, except Pachinko Pinball, but that doesn’t stop famous manga and anime to focus on the activity. In fact, several popular TV shows and books heavily feature gambling, and many characters have been pushed to the brinks due to gambling.

If you’re looking for the most popular Japanese manga and anime characters who have gambled, take a look below.

Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine is a hard gambler. The character appears in Cowboy Bebop, an old anime that aired for 26 episodes between April 1998 and April 1999.

The anime focuses on a group of space bounty hunters known as ‘Cowboys’ and documents their adventures throughout the galaxy.

Valentine is one of the members of the Cowboys group but is considered to be a bad character due to actions throughout the series. She’s shown to smoke, drink and gamble in the show. However, she generally gets her way due to her beauty and charm.

Shigeru Akagi

Shigeru Akagi is a character that appears in the 1991 manga Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai, which translates to Akagi: The Genius Who Descended into Darkness. The series focuses on the character who, at the beginning of the series, beats a yakuza member in a game of mahjong at the age of 13.

After earning a legendary status, Akagi returns to the game six years later in order to challenge and defeat his ultimate rival Iwao Washizu.

Kaiji Itō

Kaiji Itō is another gambler, but he’s doing it for an important reason. Appearing in the manga titled Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji, later adapted into an anime show, which focuses on the art of gambling, Kaiji attempts to escape from his huge debts.

Throughout the manga, Kaiji gambles with his neighbours and never wins. However, after finding himself in a life-threatening situation, Kaiji realises he possesses a hidden gambling capacity that allows him to win and get out of dangerous situations.

Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami appears in the manga series titled Kakegurui. The manga series follows the fictional Japanese Hyakkaou Private Academy which educates children from wealthy and influential families. The children are expected to become leaders in the future but take part in gambling.

Daniel J. D’Arby

Daniel J. D'Arby

Daniel J. D’Arby from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is another prolific gambler. This character appeared as the antagonist in the anime’s second season as a member of the Egypt 9 Glory Gods, a faction of Dio Brando’s army.

Despite his calm and handsome demeanour, D’Arby is a cunning man who claims to be the world’s best gambler. He’s an expert at cheating and believes that anyone who is stupid enough to be cheated deserves it.

The school has a special gambling system in place where students are encouraged to bet against each other and put their own fortunes at stake. Students who fail to make a contribution due to high debts become “house pets” and any students who fail to settle their debts by the end of their education face severe consequences.

However, the school finds itself in trouble when Yumeko Jabami arrives with the ability to see through gambling scams.

Tomu Shirasagi

Gamble Fish is a serialised Manga which tells the story of a 14-year-old boy named Tomu Shirasagi, the son of the infamous trickster Yumeichirou Shirasagi. Tomu attends the fictional Shishidou Academy where he discovers that he’s not an ordinary boy.

He is actually an expert con artist who vows to reveal the dark side of the Shishidou Academy. During the series, Shirasagi discovers that his father disappeared investigating the academy and that students who don’t focus on studying mysteriously disappear and are jailed.



Leroute must be one of the most ruthless gamblers in any anime or manga. The character, who appears in Hunter X Hunter, is an incredibly shady character and she proves herself to be highly cunning and dangerous.

In the anime, Leroute is sentenced to 112 years for illegal gambling and the trafficking of endangered species. She was also responsible for tricking Leorio into a bet to serve her purpose. However, due to her manipulative mind, Leroute managed to reduce her prison sentence by 50 years.

Nao Kanzaki

Nao Kanzaki is an unbelievably honest student who appears in the manga The Liar Game. In the series, Kanzaki gets a mysterious package of $1 million and a note inviting her to the Liar Game Tournament. Unlike ordinary gambling games, players in the Liar Game Tournament are encouraged to cheat and lie.

Later on in the series, Kanzaki makes a deal with a con man named Shinichi Akiyama where they agree to advance through the tournament together to free their opponents from their debts and break down the Liar Game Tournament.



Paulie was a character introduced in the One Piece anime series. He was first introduced during the Water 7 arc, in which he works as the Dock One foreman of Water 7 and is often seen smoking with a cigarette in his mouth.

He’s an avid gambler and has been shown attempting to steal suitcases full of money to pay off his gambling debts. Despite this, Paulie is shown to be a kind-hearted and good person.


Uno from Nanbaka is a character with a huge gambling addiction. The character was arrested for his gambling issues and sent to Nanba Prison. Due to his incessant gambling, Uno has developed excellent observation skills and, during his time in prison, continues to make bets for fun.

Despite his gambling addiction and being sent to prison, Uno is depicted as a kind and easy-going person.